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The court case for Spain’s biggest political corruption scandal in 40 years begins

As proceedings begin in the biggest political scandal to hit Spain in over 40 years, Rob Horgan takes a look at who is standing in the dock

Super-judge Baltasar Garzon saves flamenco venues

Spain’s former super-judge Baltasar Garzon wades in to save flamenco institutions

The Gurtel/Barcenas case: The story so far

The biggest political corruption scandal Europe has seen is now five years old, Tom Powell tells the story so far

Spanish ‘superjudge’ demands asylum for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Baltasar Garzon will travel to the International Court of Justice in The Hague if Britain denies Assange safe passage to Ecuador

Spanish ‘superjudge’ hired by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Baltasar Garzon will assist the activist in his bid to seek political asylum in Ecuador

Spanish superjudge fights back

Garzon makes formal request for pardon

Wrong judgement

It would take a saint not to wonder why top Spanish judge Carlos Divar took 20 trips to a sunny seaside resort at the taxpayer’s expense

‘Global symbol’ Garzon should be reinstated, say European magistrates

Medel presents a petition to the Spanish Ministry of Justice demanding the 'superjudge' be restored to the bench

Garzon cleared of Franco deaths probe

The judge was handed an 11-year ban three weeks ago for illegal phone tapping

Go back to your tractors!

A generation of labourers who took control of town halls has helped create Spain’s corruption problems

Garzon case dropped by Supreme Court

Controversial Spanish judge will still face charges relating to Franco-era investigations

Judge Garzon facing prison

Prosecutors have requested a two to five year sentence or a 27,000 euro fine in the third case against the human rights judge

Human rights observers attend Garzon’s Supreme Court trial

'Superjudge' Garzon is on trial for investigating deaths during Franco's regime

Human rights judge on trial at Supreme Court

Judge Baltasar Garzon has three separate cases against him

Fearless Garzon suspended

Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon punished for abusing his powers with Franco inquiry

Superjudge’s crumbling crusade

Judge Baltasar Garzon proved that international law knew no boundaries with his pursuit of international dictators and terrorists, yet his idealistic principles are now in grave danger of being thwarted by his very own, writes Andrew Pearce

Argentina not crying for Spain

Relatives of Civil War victims demand inquest, despite superjudge's own efforts thwarted





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