SPAIN’S former super-judge Baltasar Garzon has come to the rescue of one of Andalucia’s most famous flamenco venues.

Garzon, famous for his campaigning legal battles around the world, has stepped in to advise the bosses of institution La Carboneria, after it was slapped with a closure order.

The former judge, who heads controversial Wikileaks boss Julian Assange’s legal team, was in the venue, when police arrived with a month-long shutdown demand.

He immediately stepped in demanding to see the paperwork and vowed to help with the court case.

The iconic venue has been accused of hosting musical events without a licence, and has been fined €2,000.

Although it only holds a basic bar licence, the venue is famous among locals and tourists for its concerts and flamenco shows.

Owner Francisco Lira said: “It is incomprehensible that such a dynamically socio-cultural place that handles all art forms with great care can suffer such punishment.

“We don’t count ourselves as a performance venue because none of the music here is amplified. Here, we only read, recite and sing in acoustic.”

A petition on website to immediately reopen La Carboneria – launched by a former Cordoba University professor – had reached more than 12,000 signatures.

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  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think someone should be allowed to break the law just because a lot of people enjoy what he does. If the place is so great, do the paperwork and pay the fees LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

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