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Spanish security firm in court for spying on Julian Assange in London under orders from US intelligence

The case is currently being tried at the Audiencia Nacional court in Madrid

WikiLeaks threaten legal action after Google hand over journalist email data to US government

WikiLeaks are taking a stand against the US and Google after the latter revealed email information of three journalists following a FBI warrant

Super-judge Baltasar Garzon saves flamenco venues

Spain’s former super-judge Baltasar Garzon wades in to save flamenco institutions

Podemos shows support for Julian Assange

Spain's new left-wing political force Podemos offers legal support to whistle blower Julian Assange

Spanish ‘superjudge’ works to save Assange from extradition

Garzon does not believe William Hague's claims that the UK will protect the Wikileaks boss from human rights violations

Spanish ‘superjudge’ demands asylum for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Baltasar Garzon will travel to the International Court of Justice in The Hague if Britain denies Assange safe passage to Ecuador

Spanish ‘superjudge’ hired by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Baltasar Garzon will assist the activist in his bid to seek political asylum in Ecuador

Further cuts ahead for Spain despite million-strong 15-M protests

Protesters took to streets in 951 cities worldwide in opposition to austerity measures, but Spain is facing a harsh autumn and winter after new downgrade and inability to reign in spending in the regions. By Jon Clarke in Malaga

WikiLeaks Julian Assange’s escape to Ronda

Wanted Wikileaks boss planning Spanish sejourn with Oliver Stone

Thanks, but I couldn’t live here

Film director Ken Loach explains why he wouldn't move to Spain