FEW people can claim to know Spain as well as film director Ken Loach.

But despite spending months here making his award-winning civil war film Land and Freedom, he has no plans of ever living here.

Speaking to the Olive Press at Ronda’s first political film festival, he said that while there were lots of things that make Spain attractive he couldn’t leave the UK.

“I would just want to know what the gossip was back home all the time,” he quipped.

Talking after being handed an honorary award at the festival, he was particularly keen to stress how he had offered to put up thousands of pounds as bail money to keep WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from being remanded in custody.

“WikiLeaks is brilliant,” he said.

“The public have a right to know and the issue now, is to pursue the information available ask bigger questions and give it more exposure.”

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  1. To Fred: I don’t really understand what else is to be known about the banking industry that it is alreay widely known. The questions to be answered are to be addressed to the ruling governments,namely Gordon Brown’s: what conversations was he having while the Fred’s of this world (ex CE of RBS) were bankrupting yours and my money???

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