22 Jan, 2011 @ 09:00
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WikiLeaks Julian Assange’s escape to Ronda

THE world’s most controversial journalist is coming to Ronda – if bail conditions allow.

WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange is to come to the mountain town to attend this year’s political film festival.

According to the mayor of Ronda, Assange will be the guest of honour at the second annual Festival of Political Cinema in November.

He will be joined by top US director Oliver Stone, who has also confirmed his attendence at the festival.

Stone, who directed hit movies Platoon, Wall Street and Born on the Fourth of July, most recently dedicated his career to a number of political films.

These have involved a biopic on Hugo Chaves, controversial president of Venezuela, as well as W., which was a revealing look at former US president George Bush.

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange will present a short collage of videoclips leaked from the US government at the festival.

Last year, the first festival was attended by British director Ken Loach, who had spent much of a scheduled press conference giving support to Assange.

He even offered to put up bail money for the Australian, who is currently on bail in the UK pending a potential extradition to Sweden over a sex crime.

“This has exceeded all our expectations,” said Ronda mayor Antonio Marin Lara. “It is great news for the town.”

Wendy Williams

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  1. You obviously haven’t reflected enough, Gresham, because either the ‘whacking’ or the penitentiary would be an attempt to curtail free speech which, most likely, would rebound on the Totalitarian States of America.

  2. If you want to know where the most evil government on Earth resides, just look to the USA. They are even torturing Bradley Manning and he has not even been charged with anything relating to WikiLeaks yet. Lovely people the American government. Mr Manning was the one who is believed to have leaked the “collateral murder” video of an army helicopter gunning down two Reuters journalists (as well as other and men, women and children). There are thousands more cases like this, all hushed up, until now of course.

    Thank goodness for the Wiki. Many people are happy to live in ignorance, devoid of what their governments get up to. They forget that governments serve them, and not the other way around. Transparancy can only be a good thing, and over the next few years there will be dozens of new leak websites.

    Anyway, much better to invite someone like Assange to Ronda than a head of state’s wife, whose husband was put in power by a powerful investment bank.

  3. for the remarks which mr / mrs gresham he / she must be american. short minded mentality. Assange is only the spokesman of a whole organisation who want to show how governments cheat on and ly to their own people. And then they are suddenly terrorists ??? So when you “gresham” steals something and I say that you did that I should go to Jail and you should get a medaille ???

    If yes, something seriously is wrong with the world.

  4. whats so wrong with telling the truth, this man didnt lie or manipulate he released the truth on the world . personally I think anyone who lacks the ability to see that is a bloody idiot.

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