By Eloise Horsfield

BANNED ‘superjudge’ Baltasar Garzon has made a formal request to the Spanish government to be pardoned.

It comes after a group of European magistrates appealed a decision to have him disbarred for 11 years.

Garzon was struck off after controversially recording conversations between lawyers and their clients in the Gurtel corruption case.

However, the Association of European Magistrates for Democracy and Freedom (Medel), which represents 15,000 lawyers, has called the punishment ‘disproportionate’.

Garzon has since thanked Medel and given his official backing to the request.

His daughter Maria however remains sceptical: “I do not think it’s realistic to think he will be granted a pardon.

“It’s not the government’s first priority at the moment.

“I think it’s more likely to be the European Court which will acknowledge the mistakes that were made in the judgment.”

It will take between eight and 14 months for the Spanish Ministry of Justice to make a decision on whether to pardon the Andalucia-born judge.

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  1. In light of acts committed by other Public Officials and Legal professionals up to the highest levels,found Guilty with a “Slap on the Wrist”, Judge Garzon should be pardoned.
    His disbarrment sentence for 11 years is disproportionate. The Spanish Government and Courts would be internationally embarrassed if this was taken to the European Court. Spain NEEDS Judges who fight bravely as Garzon to end status quo.

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