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Corruption prosecutors in Spain seeking 15-year jail term for former interior minister in ‘Operation Kitchen’ 

THE ANTI-CORRUPTION public prosecutor at Spain’s High Court has called for former interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz to be given a 15-year prison sentence...

New leaked ‘Operacion Kitchen’ documents reveal how Spain’s Partido Popular leaders siphoned off millions for suits and a wedding

Revealed in a series of hand-written notes, kept by former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas, the documents demonstrate how the party was illegally funded on a national scale

OH, SNAP: Mariano Rajoy’s Spain government ‘hanging by a thread’ as allies give election ultimatum

A string of former PP leaders were convicted yesterday for a combined 351 years in prison

Masterminds of Spain’s biggest EVER corruption case sentenced to 113 years behind bars

Correa was convicted of heading a corrupt network that worked with party officials in the Partido Popular

Mariano Rajoy appears in court and denies knowing about alleged PP corruption

Rajoy denies links with alleged financer of suspected bribery scheme

Former PP ministers deny receiving backhanders in Gurtel corruption case

Politicians claim they didn't receive money from party’s former treasurer Luis Barcenas

Spanish politicians given PowerPoint presentation on how to break campaign spending rules

Created in the height of the Gurtel scandal - for which dozens of former officials are currently on trial - it explained how to divert donations to different bank accounts

Spain’s PP created a guide for officials on how to illegally exceed campaign spending limits

The document was used in at least Madrid, Valencia and the Balearic Islands

The court case for Spain’s biggest political corruption scandal in 40 years begins

As proceedings begin in the biggest political scandal to hit Spain in over 40 years, Rob Horgan takes a look at who is standing in the dock

Key Gurtel figure Francisco Correa sets up home in Sotogrande

He has been described by neighbours at his urbanisation Valgrande as a ‘loner’

Proceedings begin in €450 million government corruption scandal

The first part of the Gurtel investigation is finally ready for trial

Gurtel: Luis Barcenas bail set at €200,000

Baill has been set for the PP's ex-treasurer despite him being arrested for being a flight risk

Gurtel case prosecutor requests 111 years for Correa and 42 for Barcenas

Anti-corruption prosecuters intend to show no mercy to those who have been lining their pockets

Health Minister Ana Mato resigns over Gurtel scandal allegations

Judge Pablo Ruz accused her of benefiting from illegal party kickbacks

Another former PP official to be grilled over corruption claims in High Court

Angel Acebes allegedly used money from the PP's secret fund to purchase shares in an online media group

Barcenas reaches a year in prison, read the story so far

With former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas having been in prison for exactly a year, remind yourselves of the whole slush-fund saga so far

Gurtel ringleaders refuse to testify before High Court

The five year Gurtel/Barcenas investigation has hit another wall, with Francisco Correa citing a 'loss of trust'

The Gurtel/Barcenas case: The story so far

The biggest political corruption scandal Europe has seen is now five years old, Tom Powell tells the story so far

Two thirds of Spaniard’s daily lives affected by state corruption

A survey by the European Commission shows corruption in Spain to be the worst in Europe.

Spanish superjudge fights back

Garzon makes formal request for pardon

Go back to your tractors!

A generation of labourers who took control of town halls has helped create Spain’s corruption problems

Judge Garzon facing prison

Prosecutors have requested a two to five year sentence or a 27,000 euro fine in the third case against the human rights judge

Where justice meets farce: Garzon, the Spanish ‘superjudge’

Selfless human rights crusader, or show-off with a warped sense of his own powers? Eloise Horsfield takes a look at the controversial career of Spanish ‘superjudge’ Baltasar Garzon





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