21 Mar, 2014 @ 12:36
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Gurtel ringleaders refuse to testify before High Court

THE alleged Gurtel ringleaders have refused to testify before the High Court, as the five year corruption investigation looked to be drawing to a conclusion.

Francisco Correa, a corrupt businessman accused of handing Popular Party officials monthly payments in return for bumper contracts, refused to give evidence on Thursday.

Correa, who has spent three and a half years in preventative custody since his mother forked out for his €200,000 bail, cited a ‘loss of trust in the court’ as reason for his non-compliance.

The Gurtel investigation centres on the dealings of the former PP Government treasurer, Luis Barcenas.

For as long as Barcenas managed finances for his party, ministers would receive an envelope each month containing between €5,000 and €10,000.

On Thursday, Correa claimed the case should have been dismissed after the original investigating judge, Baltasar Garzón, was suspended for 11 years for ordering wiretaps of conversations between suspects and their lawyers in prison.

Alvaro Perez, known as El Bigotes and also implicated in the slush fund scandal, also invoked his right not to give evidence. He claimed he had not received official notification of his court date and only knew about it through the press.

Read our in depth look at Spain’s most infamous political scandal, the Gurtel case.

Tom Powell

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  1. I am just looking down the front page of the OP and laughing, that is the state of affairs in Spain and my only small hope is that there are many brining these people to justice and if they carry on, in another 10 or 20 years maybe Spain will be less corrupt, don’t hold your breath though! This is the tip of a very large iceberg as I expect 95% of the politicians are at it in one form or another, from the top to the bottom. The more corruption the worse a Country is, goes hand in hand. A relative of mine in South America who was a Manager of mid-size Company in Brazil and was sacked as the local Mayor was not happy about him vocally supporting the opposition party, the Mayor said to the owner of the Company, do you want to keep your Manager or the contract?, same as Spain. When these Mayors walk around you would think Ronaldo or Messi had arrived, people have to suck up to them to keep in their good books!

  2. hear,hear,reap………….how do i escape?the kids have gone back cos theres no jobs here,the wife dont like the sun anymore,my dog is not allowed off the lead not even in my car,,,,,,,,,,,,and the olive press isnt half as much fun as it used to be,WOE IS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. stefanjo,
    all the corruption and greed in football worldwide would not be possible if stupid chumps would’nt pay the extortionate prices at the grounds and in the UK if no one paid to view to that ugly vile Murdoch.

    Islam – the flower of Islam was Al-Andaluz, destroyed by the Aryan Christians because the Semites suffered from internicine conflict. Have you ever read Dune by Frank Herbet – a straight rip-off of Moroccan history. When the elites in Fez,Marrakesh, Agadir became too degenerate, the Tuareg came storming out of the desert and exterminated them.Within a hundred years or so, they too had become degenerate and the cycle continued.

    Judaism has always suffered from internicine conflict and corruption and the Ashkenazy have always treated the Sephardic with contempt.

  4. Anselmo, – the control is operated by the religious zealots. The nuns who stole babies from women who were’nt Fascists and sold them on for profit – 100% Catholic corruption – also the Magdelane laundries in Ireland – and the hits just keep on coming.

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