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New leaked ‘Operacion Kitchen’ documents reveal how Spain’s Partido Popular leaders siphoned off millions for suits and a wedding

Revealed in a series of hand-written notes, kept by former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas, the documents demonstrate how the party was illegally funded on a national scale

Mariano Rajoy appears in court and denies knowing about alleged PP corruption

Rajoy denies links with alleged financer of suspected bribery scheme

Former PP ministers deny receiving backhanders in Gurtel corruption case

Politicians claim they didn't receive money from party’s former treasurer Luis Barcenas

Parliament to probe illegal funding claims against Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular

A series of corruption scandals has caused popularity for the PP to wane

The court case for Spain’s biggest political corruption scandal in 40 years begins

As proceedings begin in the biggest political scandal to hit Spain in over 40 years, Rob Horgan takes a look at who is standing in the dock

The PP’s great escape in the Barcenas case

The way the PP has wriggled out of the Barcenas fraud case scot-free is an escapist act to rival the great Harry Houdini

Proceedings begin in €450 million government corruption scandal

The first part of the Gurtel investigation is finally ready for trial

Spanish judge investigating how PP slush fund files were deleted loses vital evidence

The documents with key information about the illegal PP payments have 'disappeared'

Gurtel: Luis Barcenas bail set at €200,000

Baill has been set for the PP's ex-treasurer despite him being arrested for being a flight risk

Gurtel case prosecutor requests 111 years for Correa and 42 for Barcenas

Anti-corruption prosecuters intend to show no mercy to those who have been lining their pockets

New year in Spain opens with 150 corruption cases in the courts

Court dates loom for several high profile trials

Barcenas begins to crack under pressure of PP slush fund trial

The former Partido Popular treasurer has been punished for making threats to the Guardia Civil

Barcenas amassed personal fortune from PP slush fund

Jailed former PP treasurer diverted a fortune from the party's infamous slush fund

Gurtel ringleaders refuse to testify before High Court

The five year Gurtel/Barcenas investigation has hit another wall, with Francisco Correa citing a 'loss of trust'

Spanish Government bans party donations from companies

The government is pushing plans for more transparent party funding in light of the Barcenas case

The Gurtel/Barcenas case: The story so far

The biggest political corruption scandal Europe has seen is now five years old, Tom Powell tells the story so far

Spanish police search People’s Party HQ

Conclusion of raid not yet known

Spanish Prime Minister under pressure as it emerges that he took illegal cash payments for up to 20 years

Spain's conservative party denies claims by its former treasurer that the PP party has been taking illegal cash payments for over two decades

PP wedding scandal

New details of Gurtel ring emerge as judge demands more in Barcenas case

Gibraltarian linked to PP scandal

Spain launches annual State of the Nation debate today

‘Bárcenas’ secret papers’ obtained from El País as part of ongoing investigation into alleged Popular Party corruption

Editor-in-chief hands over documents after being satisfied source will remain anonymous




British man arrested in drug den selling marijuana to tourists on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AT LEAST one British man was part of a ten-strong group arrested for their role in a bogus l'Alfas del Pi 'social club' that...


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