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VITAL evidence in the investigation into how computer files were deleted at the PP headquarters just as a corruption scandal erupted has ‘disappeared’.

Incredibly, the judge investigating the wiping of files from former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas’ computer has misplaced the documents.

According to a statement released by the Madrid High Court, ‘the documents have disappeared for reasons that are being investigated’.

The court initially rejected a complaint brought by the opposition in 2013, that accused the PP of covering up illegal party financing by destroying evidence on Barcenas’ computer.

But following an appeal it was decided the case would go ahead.

Now, however, the court is unable to find the original lawsuit documents.

Barcenas – who is separately awaiting trial on charges of money-laundering – has testified to running a slush fund from the PP through which businesses handed cash to party leaders, including Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

He added that the computer contained information on cash payments made to party members and illegal party donations from businesses.

But when the police arrived to confiscate Barcenas’ computer after his arrest, it had already been wiped clean.

Madrid High Court has asked those involved to provide new documents to help in the reconstruction of the case.

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  1. This is crazy – almost as if they learnt from a similar UK trick “MPs to escape expenses investigations after paperwork destroyed by Parliament” news came out November 2014 regarding expenses up to 2010.

  2. squiddy give it a rest, the Spanish scam involved millions and millions of Euros and downright fraud and embezzlement. The scumbags in the UK gamed the system. Don’t you realise that you keep making out that everything in Spain is wonderful – you really should lay off the Mogadon, it’s shutting down what remains of your brain.

  3. Let’s see the files – where? – they are lost!!
    Let’s question the indicted – where? – he’s out on Bail!!
    So where is he? – not sure!!
    No worry – Court can’t proceed because we’re short of staff anyway!!
    Rest assured – all will die of Old Age before Adjudication and Appeals are rendered.

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