By Kathryn Richardson

EL PAÍS’ editor-in-chief, Javier Moreno, has handed over the secret documents as evidence in the alleged corruption of Spain’s Popular Party (PP).

The documents, known as ‘Bárcenas’ secret papers’, were given to the Judicial Police after the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office made an order for them.

Other documents were also submitted which are believed to contain handwritten accounts of cash donations and outgoing payments by the party’s former treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

The move comes after Mr Moreno sought advice from the paper’s legal advisors and management to ensure that his source would remain anonymous.

The documents will be used to investigate the accusations, made by the paper, that the PP received illicit donations and made irregular payments to leading party members from 1990 to 2008.

The ‘secret papers’, containing 14 handwritten sheets, are believed to be evidence that the PP violated the Party Financing Law.

Other documents also show donations made by several companies to Fundescam, one of the party’s foundations, which are believed to have been used to fund electoral campaigns.

Cheques for donations under €3,000 were also found and were reportedly put into the party’s coffers without being examined by the Court of Auditors.

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  1. Rajoy today published his tax returns “to quell the row over illegal payments” what good is that going to do, his tax returns are not going to declare illegal payments. Mr Rajoy thinks his voters are stupid, they are not and they will see right through this stunt.

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