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Major Spanish writer Antonio Gala dies in Cordoba at the age of 92 

BRILLIANT writer Antonio Gala has died at the age of 92 in Cordoba today (Sunday 28 May). Gala, born in Ciudad Real in October 1930,...

Read it here first

WHERE the Olive Press leads, others follow. While our stories are often picked up by the media in the UK our influence is not just...

Madrid resident fined €2,001 for leaving cardboard box on street, as city cracks down on littering

COMPLAINTS about the state of Madrid’s streets are a regular fixture on social media, with residents of the city centre in particular often sharing...

Canary Islands report more than a thousand migrant deaths in year so far

Spain’s Canary Islands have calculated that more than a thousand would-be migrants have either died or disappeared at sea while trying to reach land...

Dozens of Jesuit priests accused of child sex abuse in Spain over many decades

AT least 130 Jesuit priests have been accused of committing sexual abuse against children between 1927 and 2012 in Spain. The El Pais newspaper, as...

Hundreds of previously unreported Catholic Church sex abuse cases uncovered in Spain

A solicitor running an internal Catholic Church probe into sex abuse says he's received news about hundreds of previously unreported cases since starting his...

How Boris Johnson’s resignation is being reported in the Spanish media

SPANISH media has dedicated the front pages of their websites to Boris Johnson’s resignation on Thursday July 7 morning. The British Prime Minister looked to...

‘Spain is Ugly’: New book takes swipe at chronic overdevelopment of costas and charts architectural ruin of Spain

THE renowned editor of El Pais’s travel supplement Andres Rubio claims ill thought out overdevelopment has ruined Spain in his controversial new book ‘España...

Power company Iberdrola admits personal details of 1.3 million customers in Spain were hacked

PERSONAL data of 1.3 million Iberdrola customers were hacked in a cyberattack on March 15 according to the El Pais newspaper. The criminals seized information...

68 child sex abuse investigations involving Spain’s Catholic Church are revealed

68 cases of alleged child sex abuse connected to the Catholic Church are currently being investigated in Spain. Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, ordered 17 regional...

Spain’s El Pais newspaper launches digital subscription service

El Pais is following in the footsteps of the world’s most prestigious media outlets

Fabian Picardo says Gibraltar could integrate with UK ‘if Spain pushes us’

The Chief Minister admitted he was not 'a big fan' of the idea, but it could be a viable option 'in the future

Top Spanish food critic blasts British chefs Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White for butchering classic Spanish...

In a hilariously damning review, Ana Vega has slammed Brits Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White as well as having a dig at many internationally-acclaimed chefs

El Pais hits back at actress Lena Dunham over Photoshop claims

Dunham made headlines last week when she criticised El Pais magazine for ‘mad Photoshop’

Reading between the lines

The way we consume news is changing - especially in Spain, a nation which loves to read all about it without believing a word, reports Tom Powell

Expat media boss ordered to pay former sales head by Malaga court

Stan Israel of Weekend World ordered to pay former sales head, as plagiarism complaints roll in from other news companies

King Felipe’s food secrets and handsome new beard-less look

King Felipe’s svelte new look comes thanks to a mindful Mediterranean diet, a sporty lifestyle and a close shave

Man behind Spain’s national police Twitter account – the world’s most followed – leaves post

His replacement, Carolina Gonzalez, previously worked as part of an investigations unit in Barcelona

Rothschild interrogated

Lawyer Antonio Flores looks on as court resumes murky Rothschild investigation

The Charlie Hebdo journalists did not deserve to die

Any campaigning, investigative newspaper – like the Olive Press – is going to offend and upset some readers, but it doesn’t mean the journalists deserve to die. Mike Scott gives his views on the Charlie Hedbo attack in relation to the Costa del Sol

Spanish newspaper group websites hacked

Characters from Spongebob Squarepants are currently appearing on websites such as El Pais, El Mundo and Marca

TV executive resigns after New Year’s Eve broadcast blunder in Almeria

The countdown clock chimes were interrupted by commercial adverts. Watch the video here

Health Minister Ana Mato resigns over Gurtel scandal allegations

Judge Pablo Ruz accused her of benefiting from illegal party kickbacks

UPDATE: Three Granada priests under investigation for child sex abuse have been arrested

Four of the twelve people being investigated have now been arrested as the inquiry continues




As deadline approaches, Podemos turns to grassroots members before deciding whether to join Spain’s new leftist bloc Sumar

LEFTIST POLITICAL party Podemos (We Can) is going to make a last-minute consultation of its grassroots members before deciding whether or not to join...


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