12 Apr, 2017 @ 13:00
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Fabian Picardo says Gibraltar could integrate with UK ‘if Spain pushes us’

FABIAN Picardo admits Gibraltar’s integration with the UK could happen ‘if Spain pushes us’.

The Chief Minister admitted he was not ‘a big fan’ of the idea, but it could be a viable option ‘in the future’.

Picardo was speaking to El Pais after the European Council published its draft Brexit negotiating guidelines, handing Spain an effective veto over Gibraltar’s inclusion in future deals the UK strikes with the bloc.

Picardo said: “If Spain pushes us it could create a movement asking for integration.

“I am not a big fan of that alternative, but it is a possible model for the future.”

Picardo referred to Spain as a ‘bully, the kid who picks on the smallest kid in school’.

He also dismissed suggestions Theresa May was wrong to omit Gibraltar from her three-page letter to EU Council president Donald Tusk which triggered Article 50.

Picardo urged Spain to enter ‘dialogue, to cooperate with mutual respect’.

“We have a link now – the EU –  that allows us to work together although not speak,” he said.

“When we leave the EU, that link will not exist anymore. My wish is that we do everything possible to continue cooperating.

“I am offering them my hand.”

Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. Gibraltar is leaving the EU together with the UK, so just pay your bill and get out, then and only then a trade deal for the UK can be negotiated. Gibraltar gets nothing, suck it up and pray Spain doesn’t close the fence.

  2. Oh dear, there really are some nasty Spanish about, can’t take a beating can they, never mind luv Brit’s will still have holidays in Spain and I’m sure the Spanish will still accept their pounds when converted to a dying currency, the euro.

    • As expected you overestimate british pounds. There are plenty of Americans, French, German, Chinese tourists. UK money seems to always come with conditions that spaniards put up with, like verbal abuse, bribery, low wages… I mean just look at the lovely sterling UK family in the previous story. You seem to think Spaniards like british or Austrailians- when they think you’re mostly shiesters and bigots. Get a clue Carlos, if you hate spain so much then go home!

  3. Easy.
    1. The Brits give it away, like Hongkong, not to Spain, but to the EU.
    2. Management is handed over to the Disney company.
    3. In return, friendly exceptions for expats down here. And a nice tourist attraction next door.

  4. Gibraltarian are not interested in become part of UK. It is not good idea for financial sector, online gambling or low taxes. They need maintain their status in EU. And it is only possible if the cosoveign agreement become real. Everything will be the same than now, 2 flags, 2 passport optional, no borders, full selfsgoverning. New automous comunity in Spain and a british naval base 30 years more. All people will be happy with deal.

    • Sounds like a plan AA. The only fly in the ointment is Spain. Gib. would need to trust them not to turn gangster on the deal, once they had their legs under the table. Far too many examples of previous dirty tricks on property buying and selling, to take the chance.

    • Thank you. the people in the UK still believes Gibraltar is its property and forget that residents there don’t really like Britain or the British. A majority of locals who are not wanna be James Bonds, work for EU companies. I don’t think anyone here in Spain is really afraid of British dollars leaving. After all we have the US, Germans, French, and Chinese for a start, and those UK pounds always seem to come at a moral cost. Face it Brits, the rhetoric over there for the last few years has made you quickly unwelcome here. As usual it is the spoiled retirees, arrogant and unwilling to pay their share, who are the most selfish and create so many problems we pay out of pocket for. Enjoy the tax haven your prejudices are creating for the rich, and enjoy the dystopia your media is actively trying to hide from you.

  5. The thing you dont understand (again), dear Carlos, and it is not a surprise (again), is that most of those 12.000 trabajadores transfronterizos are either gibraltarians or british.
    What Franco, el franquista, says is totally irrelevant.
    Gibraltar could give employement to 4.000 Spanish workers, but it is also the main cause of unemployement in the area.
    You know, that is what happens when your neighbour (gibraltar) is a tax haven.

    • The thing you don’t understand (again) ) dear Ol’ Blue eyes, and it is not a surprise (again) is that regardless who they are the 12.000 people come from the Spanish side of the border, live on the other side of the border and spend their well earned money on the other side of the border and if that’s not available then the words of Joe Franco, the Mayor, regarding the situation of La Linea would be devastating as the economic dependency on Gibraltar is practically total. Do you understand what the Mayor has said or are you just being thick and stupidity.

      • Dont get nervous Carlos.
        Gibraltar is a cancer not only for Spain but also for the whole EU. Thats why the gate will be closed or strictly controlled. Capisce adesso?
        Anyway, the best part is this: “Picardo urged Spain to enter ‘dialogue, to cooperate with mutual respect’.”
        It seems he forgot he totally supported that warmonger campaign leaded by the prestigious tabloid The Sun and by that venerable old fart Howard.
        The consequences will be terrible.

  6. Gibraltar and the UK can do whatever they want, of course.
    Now, adding Gibraltar will be too harmful for the UK when they start negotiations about divorce, and even more about trading.
    The result will be, yes you are right, a complete disaster.

  7. Both World Wars were a complete disaster for the Germans. They came out quite well though. Same is true for the Japanese. Being willing to learn might have had something to do with that. Who knows?

    • Yes, we Germans learned, that we could well exist without Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg) and without Wroclaw (former Breslau) and Szczecin (former Stettin). And long ago we changed African island Zanzibar against a tiny British rock in the North Sea called “Helgoland”.
      But the “Great” Britain cannot co-exist with Spain on a far away tiny rock called “Gibraltar”?
      Obviously the Unted Kingdom has remained as a aristocratic state of the 19th century and is not entitled for the 21th century. In the EU we have no need for such outdated members.

      • Wolfgang, how come you forgot to mention Ceuta and Melilla in your comment. You can well speak of various lands that were given back yet Germany devastated Europe in trying to gain more under under force so please don’t compare Germany with Britain, a country that fought for the freedom of Europe against Germany. “Great Britain” existed for 300 years without Spain and will carry on doing so until the Gibraltarians wish otherwise unless you have forgotten what democracy means and BTW Germany didn’t learn freely as you inconveniently stated but were forced to learn like some spoilt little brat. Germany once again is trying to control feeble Europe by stealth but Britain saw the light once again whereas others have not but, eventually will follow, hence Brexit. You can keep Europe with all its woes, but it will cost you dearly which you are slowly beginning to realize. (when is the Mark being introduced). Britain is in the 21st century whereas Germany and Europe are still in the 19th century. Could go on but pointless discussing anything with a German or a Spaniard.

  8. Amigo Paul, you do realise that when Gibraltar becomes part of the UK having an open border would mean spaniards should be enable to purchase properties or reside in Gibraltar, otherwise no englishman would have the right to own property or reside in La Línea, Rome or Berlin, by the way.

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