SPANISH media has dedicated the front pages of their websites to Boris Johnson’s resignation on Thursday July 7 morning.

The British Prime Minister looked to be attempting to cling on to power, despite a record number of resignations in one day.

However, struggling to fill so many vacant spaces thanks to mass resignations, his position became untenable.

The headline in the most read newspaper in Spain, El País, reads ‘Boris Johnson: The end of the Brexit wizard’s getaway.’

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Boris Johnson resigns. Image El Pais website

His premiership as Prime Minister of the UK is described in El Pais article as lacking logical decision making.

They say many of his previous scandals would have brought down another Prime Minister much earlier, yet he managed to somehow remain in the post – until today.

The oldest newspaper in Spain, El Mundo, splashed with: ‘Boris Johnson a pain for Queen Elizabeth’ after speculation he would quit the Tory party but try to remain Prime Minister.

The Spanish newspaper Publico was particularly critical of Johnson, writing: ‘From Brexit to Downing Street parties: the sad legacy of a ‘hooligan’ named Boris Johnson’.

The broadcaster Cadena Ser was more pithy, simply writing: ‘Boris Johnson falls.’


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