by Peter Langdale

IT is finally starting to feel more spring-like after one of the longest periods of strong winds I can remember.

Many of the crop covers I boasted about using are now adorning trees, flats and power lines!

But do not get carried away with the warm weather, as winter still has a sting in its tail with the forecast predicting frost may be on its way.

Now is the time to get your borders filled with an array of spring flowering plants including pansies, primrose and marigolds.

For those of you who managed to get your bulbs planted in the autumn, you will now be beginning to see the fruits of your labour.

In our own garden we are seeing the appearance of my favourite of all, freesias.

As well as giving a superb splash of colour, their perfume is second to none and far superior to bought air-fresheners.

For those of you embarking on a spring gardening spree now is the time to finish preparing the ground as February is the ideal month for sowing and planting nearly everything you can think of.

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