Not fit to drive in Spain

LAST UPDATED: 9 Jun, 2012 @ 07:43
Not fit to drive in Spain

HAY fever sufferers are being urged not to get behind the wheel.

New research has shown that a third of sufferers have admitted to losing control while driving.

According to One Poll, sneezing and watering eyes will result in some 700,000 UK drivers shutting their eyes for 60 seconds out of every 45 minutes of driving time, running the risk of accidents.

Moreover taking medication – almost 90 per cent of sufferers use antihistamine-based drugs – can make things even worse.

More than 1.7 million (30 per cent) of drivers who have taken medication admit suffering drowsiness, blurry vision and slower reaction times.

And insurance firms estimate more than two million UK motorists have had an accident or momentarily lost control of their car as a result of sneezing.


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  1. Oh NOW I know – why I see some drivers drive out of control, like idiots. Is there any Survey or Research results on this topic for SPANISH drivers who “sneeze, have teary eyes”, etc who … run into things?