Famous Spanish friends seek justice

LAST UPDATED: 10 Aug, 2012 @ 16:32
Famous Spanish friends seek justice

ALMOST four years since they suffered a tragic car accident that left them badly wounded and a friend dead, Spanish singer Ana Torroja and former Miss Spain Esther Arroyo will face their perpetrator in court.

The accident occurred in 2008 on the N-340 when their van collided into a speeding van, proving fatal for their mutual friend, Ulises Assas, from Tarifa.

The 33-year-old van driver, Oscar Jimenez, will be tried on charges of manslaughter in Barbate later this year.

The internationally-acclaimed starlets launched their successful careers in London, where Torroja recorded her first solo album, Puntos Cardinales.

The Grammy-nominated singer from Madrid lives with her husband Antonio Navajas, who also survived the accident.

She previously sang in hit 1990s band Mecano and has since recorded five solo albums.

Arroyo won the title Miss Spain in 1990, before going on to act in various TV programmes and films including The Incredibles and Atun y Chocolate.

They have both now fully recovered from the accident and insist they are happy to be alive.

“I am more full of life than ever before and I am very grateful,” said Arroyo.


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