Woman wins case against Marbella Vista Golf

LAST UPDATED: 9 Jul, 2013 @ 19:04
Woman wins case against Marbella Vista Golf

AFTER going all the way to the Supreme Court, a British woman has finally won the right to a refund of an off-plan property she purchased from developers Marbella Vista Golf.

The woman purchased a home in the Santa Maria Green Hills development in Marbella in 2003. The building was not completed on time and had no habitation licence, denying the buyer the deeds to the property.

The entire development was later declared illegal and its licence for building was revoked by the town hall.

Now, ten years after the purchase of her new home, the buyer is legally entitled to a full refund of €236,000 plus interest.

The only problem: Marbella Vista Golf is filing for bankruptcy.


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  1. As long as she’s on the creditors list before a business goes bankrupt she should get the money.

    Bankruptcy – the worst ‘legal’ law for people owed money. Turns lives upside down – EXCEPT for the people themselves who go bankrupt, who are protected if they’re a limited company. All debts wiped clean… and carry on…