Driving instructor attacks test examiner in Granada

LAST UPDATED: 29 Sep, 2013 @ 17:54
Driving instructor attacks test examiner in Granada

TWO students were left stunned when their driving instructor began strangling the examiner.

The driving test in Granada began as any other. However, it became heated when the examiner asked the instructor to fit the ‘sound and light radar’ – normally used to detect when the instructor needs to hit the dual controls to prevent an accident – and he refused.

As the examiner got out of the vehicle, to abandon the test, the instructor grabbed his neck and witnesses heard him utter death threats.

One of the pupils pulled the instructor off the examiner. But, as the examiner tried to run away the instructor shrugged off the young boy and ran after his target.

Another instructor finally came to the examiner’s rescue, and he was taken to the nearby health centre.


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