Protesters strip naked to make a point against animal cruelty

LAST UPDATED: 12 Oct, 2013 @ 16:35
Protesters strip naked to make a point against animal cruelty

ACTIVISTS took to the streets to protest against animal cruelty in Spain.

Demonstrators stripped naked and laid on a giant plate next to the slogan ‘how much cruelty can you swallow?’.

The protest, in Barcelona, was held to coincide with World Day for Farmed Animals and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the suffering of billions of animals that are raised, transported and slaughtered for human consumption.


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  1. Roger,

    I’d imagine De Waen was being sarcastic, since the “culture” and “tradition” flag are waved every time by those in defence of bullfighting, bull runs, and the many, many barbaric and torturous acts carried out regularly at so many Spanish fiestas.

    It’s an inexcusable disgrace, yet according to some, “culture” and “tradition” are all the justification they require.


    I guess this “demonstration” was another effort by PETA then, getting out the nudists again. I hope there was some serious activism in place around there too (shame there’s no more mention in this brief report), since the message tends to get a bit lost with these naked protests.

  2. i often only have sarcastic comments for those who are very creative in torturing animals or those who speak about tradition and culture and mean torture and murder.
    we have to speak louder and louder, we have to spread every news about the suffer and pain of these helpless animals.

  3. Go Vegan?! Thats the kind of madness thats puts people off getting iinvolved or speaking up. Remember how tree-hugging hippies delayed the enviromental movement…

    Anyways did you see the woman on the plate. sure made me hungry…
    mwa ha ha