Nightmare for care hire customers as DVLA licence goes digital

From June 8, the paper part of UK driving licences is going digital

LAST UPDATED: 14 May, 2015 @ 18:16

HOLIDAYMAKERS hitting the road may need a special code to hire a car overseas.

news - learner driversFrom June 8, the paper part of UK driving licences – which records traffic offences – is going digital.

The code – obtainable through the DVLA – is not an official requirement and depends on individual companies.

Managing Director at Helle Hollis, Hans Hugo, said: “The news in the UK press infers that this change will cause chaos at the car hire companies in Spain and we would therefore like to assure clients, that at Helle Hollis we only require a valid driver’s licence.”


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  1. Not at all sure why it should cause any sort of nightmare to any rental company. One would expect them to know what a valid drivers licence looks like be it from the UK, the USA, Indonesia, Australia or anywhere else. It’s up to them as professionals to be aware of these things & certainly keep their check-in staff aware of any changes and/or what to look out for.