Santander boss appointed to PM Cameron’s economic advisory council

Ana Botin, president of Santander since September 2014, becomes only non-Brit in Business Advisory Group

LAST UPDATED: 29 Jul, 2015 @ 19:01

British Prime Minister David Cameron has appointed the boss of Spanish bank Santander as an economic advisor.

Ana Botin, president of Spanish bank Santander, is set to join Cameron’s economic advisory council, it was announced today.

Ana Botin, president of Santander Bank
Ana Botin, president of Santander Bank

Botin stands as the only foreign business representative out of 19 new advisors following Cameron’s overhaul of the previous Business Advisory Group in preparation for the planned referendum on EU membership.

The relationship between Botin and Cameron can be traced back to Cameron’s first term in office when Botin was an advisor for the English branch of the financial group.

She became the chairwoman of Santander upon her father’s death, making her the first woman to chair a major European lender, and previously served as the president of Santander UK.


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