Junta de Andalucia owes €279 million to town halls

Andalucian town halls criticise the Junta for extensive debts on jobs plans

LAST UPDATED: 8 Aug, 2015 @ 10:51

ANDALUCIAN mayors are demanding that the Junta starts digging itself out of a very deep pit of debt.

Junta de Andalucia headquarters
Junta de Andalucia owes €279 million, including property taxes, to the Andalucian town halls

The government officially recognized last week that it owes €279 million, including property taxes, to the Andalucian town halls.

The Estepona Economic Council announced today that the Junta owes them €1,056,054. The Sevilla town hall announced that their debt reaches €8 million, and Malaga has cited €32 million as their due.

The largest source of debt for the Junta are their employment programs, namely [email protected] and Plan [email protected]+, for which they owe €153 million.

The municipal governments have so far covered 50% of the costs of the program, but in order to complete the grants for the rest have demanded repayment from the Junta.

The town halls’ demands for money follow a protest last week where 45 Andalucian mayors from the United Left locked themselves into the Parliament building to protest lack of payment for the jobs programme.


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