Property salesman bags an unbelievable nine sales from nine pitches

Expat salesman ties up ‘unheard of’ nine home sales on the bounce... and he could be in for a tenth!

LAST UPDATED: 4 Dec, 2015 @ 18:05

EXCLUSIVE by Rob Horgan

Paul Barnett of Inland Andalucia
Paul Barnett of Inland Andalucia

AN Englishman is aiming to make it an unprecedented 10 out of 10.

No, it’s not Premier League marksman Jamie Vardy, but Inland Andalucia’s very own sharp shooter Paul Barnett.

After bagging an unprecedented nine straight property sales in a row, Barnett will be the envy of estate agent bosses across Andalucia.

And he could make it a perfect 10 with a decision imminent on yet another potential purchase in the inland Malaga area.

His boss Graham Govier said in his 15 years in charge of Inland Andalucia no one agent has ever come close to Barnett’s current streak.

“It is an unbelievable feat,” Govier told the Olive Press. “A one-in-three conversion ratio is deemed good business, so to tie up nine on the spin is truly unheard of.

“Not even in the heady days of the Costa boom did anyone come near to that.

“I think a pick up in the property market, a return of foreign buyers to Spain along with the improved online viewing system we have introduced have all contributed to his success.”

He added: “But let’s not take anything away from him. Paul is one of the good guys, a real old-fashioned salesman.

“He does things the proper way, gets to know the buyers and doesn’t use any tricks to sign them up.

“He deserves his success and I’m sure with all the commissions coming in he will have a pretty good Christmas.”

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