Traditional cakes from Axarquia town target European market

Tortas de Algarrobo (Algarrobo cakes) date back to the Moorish empire

LAST UPDATED: 3 Mar, 2016 @ 21:17

tortas-algarroboA SWEET treat from the Axarquia is set to take the European cake market by

Tortas de Algarrobo (Algarrobo cakes) are popular snacks made using olive oil, sugar, cinnamon and aniseed in a recipe that dates back to the Moorish empire.

Producers are now preparing to enter the European market by obtaining the necessary certification of quality.

One firm, Carmen Lupiañez, which produces about 1,000 cakes daily, has begun expanding its premises in order to increase production and marketing.

Boss Mark Gil Lupiañez, who is the seventh generation of a family dedicated to manufacturing the cakes, said the company aims to be producing 700,000 cakes daily from its Algarrobo bakery in the future.

“We believe in our product and we want to take it to other markets,” he said.

“You cannot launch a product in Europe without having prepared the proper certifications and the production facilities have to carry it out,” he added.

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