New poll shows new Spanish elections wouldn’t change results

Little shift in voters' choices as Mariano Rajoy bids to end working day at 6pm

LAST UPDATED: 8 Apr, 2016 @ 22:36

A FRESH poll of Spanish voters has shown that new elections would not change last December’s result.

The Metroscopia poll also showed an astonishing 94% of Spaniards view the country’s current political situation negatively.

RAJOY: Wants to end working day at 6pm
RAJOY: Wants to end working day at 6pm

The new poll shows Mariano Rajoy’s party on 27.7%, just a point down from December 20.

The Socialist PSOE would take 21% of votes, one per cent less than their general election result.

Ciudadanos’ ratings have improved with 18.8% of voters polled claiming they would vote for Albert Rivera’s party.

Podemos were the biggest losers, their 15.9% a five point drop on their impressive general election showing.

Meanwhile, Mariano Rajoy has said he would end the Spanish working day at 6pm.

Rajoy said he would end the traditional three-hour midday break.

Mr Rajoy said: “I will find a consensus to make sure the working day ends at 6pm.”

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  1. Well, there’s a vote-winner from Rajoy, threatening the beloved siesta. Don’t wake ’em up man! They might notice what you’ve been up to.