fever treeCO-FOUNDERS of a luxury tonic water and mixers company which gained international exposure after being stocked in Spain’s top restaurant have netted £18m (around €22,248,000) from a sale of shares in the company.

Fever-Tree founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow got a helping hand in 2012 when top chef Adria Ferran opted to stock their tonic water at his prestigious, and now closed, elBulli, Catalonia.

The endorsement came at a time when gin consumption in Spain was increasing by 15% year on year.

Demand for gin continues to grow – and along with it, Fever-Tree’s fortunes.

The company now produces a range of luxury mixers which are stocked in seven of the world’s top 10 restaurants.

Deals struck with British Airways and Easyjet last year also helped boost profits.