Police find third boat in Mallorca as 18 suspected illegal migrants arrested

The migrants were all from Morocco

LAST UPDATED: 16 May, 2017 @ 12:41

EIGHTEEN illegal immigrants have been arrested after three boats landed in Mallorca.

Police announced the third boat had been found on Tuesday near Migjorn after two were discovered on Monday.

MIGRANTS: Boats landed near Covetes (left) and Cap Salines
MIGRANTS: Boats landed near Covetes (left) and Cap Salines

None of the vessels were picked up by police radar as the men drifted into Covetes and Cap De Ses Salines.

Guardia Civil officers found the men, who had no documents and now face deportation to Morocco, shortly after they disembarked.

Both boats were found partially submerged after the men tried to sink them.

All of the arrested migrants will appear in court in Migjorn on Wednesday.

The discovery raises the number of seized boats belonging to illegal migrants to seven so far in 2017, more than double the three found last year.


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