2 Aug, 2007 @ 10:20
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“Bonnie and Clyde” of Baza face jail terms


Concha VelascoProsecution seeks ten-year jail term for film star’s step-daughter

THE step-daughter of a Spanish film actress faces up to ten years behind bars for her part in a string of armed robberies in the Granada province.

Diana Patricia Martín Romhild, 38, was arrested in October last year after four raids on banks in the Baza area.

Police believe Martín Romhild, the stepdaughter of Concha Velasco – who has appeared in more than 70 films including 2003’s Oro de Moscú – acted as getaway driver in at least two of the four robberies that hit the villages of Cuevas del Campo and Fraila in the north of the Granada province during the summer and autumn of 2006.

Police also detained Enrique Lorente – the partner of Martín Romhild. He is alleged to have carried out all of the raids, which netted the couple 55,000 euros and more than 5,000 pounds sterling in their two-month crime spree.

The public prosecutor is asking he serve a jail term of at least 20 years.

Police believe the pair – dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde” by locals – robbed banks to help pay off their business debts.

They allegedly owe 100,000 euros after their art print company Mas Arte got into financial difficulties.

Their arrest came in dramatic fashion shortly after Lorente, 48, had stolen 33,000 euros from the CajaGranada bank in the village of Cuevas del Campo – the second such raid on the bank in as many months.

Police had to use a road block to stop the pair as they drove to their home in Pozo Alcón in Jaén after a high speed car chase involving police forces from Cuevas del Campo, Gor, Orce, Zújar and the Guardia Civil from Cortes de Baza.

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