THE leader of Granada’s provincial council is trying to convince a low-cost airline to reconsider its controversial decision to cancel flights between London and the city.

Speaking at the World Travel Market tourism fair in the UK capital, Antonio Martínez Caler claimed to have entered into discussion with Monarch representatives to have the flights from London Gatwick reinstated.

Claiming the service was not cost affective, the low-cost air company recently cancelled its daily service to the city.

The last Monarch flight between the two airports landed at Granada on November 3.

If the talks prove successful, Granada could be reconnected with London before next summer.

“We intend to discover the exact reasons for the cancellation and convince the airline to reconsider,” Caler said.

The initial move angered many foreign home owners in the area, some of whom claimed only to have bought in Granada because of Monarch’s service.

One thousand people have so far signed an online petition to the air company.

Some rubbished the reason for the cancellation, claiming flights were often fully-booked.

One second home owner, who used the service every fortnight, even told the Olive Press she intended to boycott all Monarch flights as a result of the company’s decision.

“Monarch was so short-sighted. When I contacted the company to demand an explanation, I told them I would be flying British Airways to Málaga from now on,” Glynis Whittle from Warlingham in Surrey said.

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  1. Let’s face it…it is going to be ryanair or nowt if you want the low cost rubbish and the hidden costs. don’t mean to be disrespectful to fercryanoutloudair pay peanuts, you are going to have to expect a flight designed for monkeys. That is te way they work; it is their business model.

  2. The comments in Granada were that Monarch and Ryan Air were sharing out the market. It is roumoured that there was a financial incentive for Monarch to go to another airport. Sadly the have left Ryan Air with a monopoly of flights to London

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