28 Mar, 2008 @ 14:13
1 min read

Illegal builder goes to jail


A MAN who built an illegal house in Velez Malaga has been sent to prison.

The builder, who constructed the home in Almayate, has been handed a year sentence, plus a 3,600 euro fine.

The constructor, who has also been banned from working for six months, submitted an application to build a tool shed in 2003.

He began working on the property before learning that in April 2004 his application had been turned down as the land was deemed non urbanizable.
However he decided to ignore this until five months later he was ordered to demolish what had already been built.

Still unconcerned he continued to turn the tool shed into a house, for which he must not only pay for its demolition, but he must pay for all the court costs.

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