28 Mar, 2008 @ 14:11
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Five nations without a game


Despite local villagers taking to notion of organised violence with glee, new Cortes rugby team needs some opposition

IT started as a drunken bet four years ago between a disgruntled Australian and an Englishman.

But now the Wild Boars – Los Jabalies – of Cortes de la Frontera – have grown into an international rugby squad of some 28 players with Spain, Argentina, Australia, England and Paraguay all represented.

The only problem they can’t find any opposition.

Despite frenetic training sessions taking place twice a week and a game on Saturday, mostly they have been forced to play themselves.

“We have had loads of interest from everyone except the town hall,” said Phil Spruce, the Australian team coach.

“At the core of the group are the young local village boys who took to the notion of organised violence with glee.

“Their younger brothers have started to turn up and it looks like an under 12 squad will soon emerge.”

The team is aiming to join the Andalucian Rugby Federation next season despite the lack of any interest from the town hall.

The Jabalies are always on the lookout for new players and anyone from the surrounding area is always welcome.

Training is at 7 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and a game is regularly played on Saturdays at 6.

Phil Spruce can be reached on 649280778.

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  1. I’m sorry there’s been no interest from your town hall. Not surprising though, since around here the only sport in existence is “furvo” and everything else is just Morris Dancing. I’m sure my club will be up for a friendly sometime. Good luck!

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