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We are two today

michael jacobs


WELCOME to the weird and wonderful world of the Olive Press where no stone is left unturned.

Over the last year we have revealed the truth behind the La Cala racetrack, scrutinised Andalucia’s labryntine justice system and even provided readers with an insider’s guide to Flamenco…

These, to name just a few of the many articles covered by our team of quality reporters.

Which is why we are celebrating our second birthday in style.

Indeed, the Olive Press has been fighting injustice and entertaining the masses since the word go back in November 2006.

From crime on the Costa del Sol to building scandals in Jaen, and from celebrity-spotting in Sevilla to travel articles in Galicia, the Olive Press has got it covered.

But if there is one area of which we are especially proud, it is our environmental campaigning.


Whether it be exposing the corruption behind the outrageous El Algorrobico hotel in Almeria, the illegal construction of the Los Merinos golf course in Ronda, or the projected carving up of the still largely virgin Costa de la Luz in Cadiz, we are on to it.

And then there were our environmental campaigns, with three launched this year alone. An appeal to ban plastic bags, another to keep open public footpaths, and the latest to ban light pollution. We also launched our exciting new magazine, the Green Guide (right).

And finally, the plaudits, with leading green pressure group Ecologistas en Accion even giving the Olive Press an award for our campaigning this summer.

The Olive Press is a community newspaper written for people who care about what they read. It is not scared to air its views and is unapolagetic in its stance.

But above all the Olive Press is a jolly good read, your comments on the following pages being testament to that.

We look forward to your continuing support.


Michael Jacobs“Unlike its rivals, the Olive Press is a paper with its heart in the right place, with a passionate concern for Spain and the future of this country’s environment”
Michael Jacobs
Factory of Light author, Jaen

“It is rare to get the opportunity to expose the truth in an unbiased newspaper.”
Christine Ferguson
Citizens’ Advocate, The Axarquia

“The Olive Press focuses on real local and national news, and not only in advertisements.”
Mike Rijnhart
Inland Properties, Campillos

“The Olive Press provides a unique insight on living in Andaulcia with both-hard hitting news stories and informative features – a winning combination.”
Giles Brown

“Where there’s a mess – you’ll find the Olive Press. Sifting through the wrongs and the rights, and all sorts of plights.”
Gary Biston
Medina Sidonia, Cadiz

“400 million speak Spanish as their first language. 350 million speak English as their first language. One million of these live in Andalucia. The Olive Press. Building bridges. Breaking stories.”
Tim Morgan
Financial consultant, London


“The Olive Press is THE success story for Green Technology of the last two years… With its articles that actually make sense and educate, and with its intelligent and thoughtful readers, it has proved to be by far the best medium to advertise our energy-saving solutions over the last two years… We intend to continue in 2009 and wish the paper many happy returns”
Hanne Mundbjerg, Sales Manager
Técnicas Maro, Maro, near Nerja

“As a client the call rate from our advert has surpassed our expectations and has topped the list of calls generated. Why? The Olive Press has great content, is well distributed, and, all in all, is simply the best read. In fact we should have advertised sooner.
Thank you again”

Jim Fraser, Managing Director
PIPETEK SL, Costa del Sol


“Estoy sorprendido de la popularidad del periódico The Olive Press entre los españoles, su contenido es variado e independiente. Conecta muy bien con el público joven, escribiendo noticias con carácter ecológico y de ocio. Enhorabuena por vuestro segundo aniversario, seguir así. Saludos,

“I have been very surprised at the popularity of the Olive Press even among my Spanish clients, who particularly pick out its varied and independent content. It connects very well with young people in particular, for its environmental news and entertainment articles. Congratulations on your second annivesary.”
Nicolás Perez, Director
La Veronica Shopping Centre, Antequera


“The Olive Press is the only English language newspaper in the whole of Spain that actually defends the interests of its readers, by publishing properly researched information about the ins and outs of our life here.”
Lenox Napier
The Entertainer Newspaper (and claimed founder of Euro Weekly News)

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. Congratulations on work well done.

    True journalism, well executed research, crisp and original writing. The Olive Press is a friend to the environment, and to the english language.

    A pleasure to read.

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