29 Nov, 2008 @ 19:25
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Amy suspects sought


Mystery British man and woman are being investigated by family


THE parents of missing Amy Fitzpatrick have asked police to investigate two possible suspects.

The pair – a man and a woman – both in their 40s from England were close to the 15-year-old who disappeared on New Year’s Day.

The man mysteriously left the Costa del Sol not long after the disappearance.

“He is not currently in England or Spain, but I have a pretty good idea where he is,” David Mahon told the Olive Press.

As the teenager’s sudden disappearance approaches a year, Amy’s stepfather revealed that te gave detectives information on the pair at a high level meeting last week.

After the meeting in Malaga, he said: “We originally had 12 people we were looking at, but we have now whittled it down to two.

“Both of them were close to Amy and both are English.”

He continued: “We have given police the information and we want them to check it out.

“These people are both suspicious, although one or both of them could be innocent.”

Both Mahon and his partner Audrey Fitzpatrick attended the high level meeting with Peter Gunning, the Irish ambassador in Spain.

Police have agreed to hold monthly meetings with the family and give progress reports.

Meanwhile a fundraising event at Pog’s Irish bar in Fuengirola raised 3000 euros for a fighting fund.

Denise Carroll, from Halpenny Bridge Bar in Benalmadena, who helped to organise the fundraiser, said: “It was a great night and thanks to all the 200 people who turned up. We’ll do all we can to help find Amy in the future.”

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