1 Dec, 2008 @ 12:12
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New manhunt launched for timeshare tout


Interpol joins search for Robbie Graham, best friend of Costa Killer Tony King

POLICE want to grill a British timeshare salesman in connection with the mystery disappearance of a Spanish teenager eight years ago.

Detectives want to interview Robbie Graham about his whereabouts when Maria Teresa Fernandez, 18, went missing in 2000.

Fernandez was last seen at a bus stop in the port city of Motril on August 18.

Now, police want to quiz Graham about his movements between 21.30 and 21.45 on the evening in question.

According to Olive Press sources, Graham was living nearby in Nerja and had been seen in Motril that day.

Graham was accused of being involved in the murders of teenagers Rocio Wanninkhof in 1999 and Sonia Carabantes in 2003.

He got off on a technicality, while his former employee and best friend Tony King – aka The Costa Killer – was found guilty of murder. He is currently in prison in Granada.

King however, has since accused him of murdering Maria Teresa – and as the Olive Press revealed in July – King has been helping detectives with the case.


The parents of Maria Teresa have long maintained their daughter was murdered and believe Graham – a former associate of British killer Tony King – is to blame.

Since the beginning of November, detectives from the Policia Nacional have questioned known acquaintances of Graham on the Costa del Sol in a bid to trace the ex-timeshare salesman.

Graham worked for a timeshare deck Lubina Sol, in Riviera del Sol, also intriguingly where teenager Amy Fitzpatrick went missing on New Year’s Day this year.

Police now believe he is in the United Kingdom (the Olive Press understands he is in Brighton) and want Interpol to join the hunt for him.

In 2006, King – who is serving a double life sentence for the murders of teenagers Rocio Wanninkhof and Sonia Carabantes – told police that Maria Teresa had been murdered by Graham.


  1. you know.. you print rather disgusting private pictures of 14 year old murdered girls, but no pic for this manhunt… didnt you find one showing robby graham him halfnaked or what ?

  2. i am totally behind u on this why no pictures of robbie graham on internet what so ever, a very dangrous sick man that is getting away with murder, i think police need too get pictures up on costas most wanted, who knows he could be he could be back on the costas commiting more sick crimes just like tony king did in uk then he moved to spain & commited more murders!!!!!

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