ONE of the principle witnesses in a town planning corruption investigation centred on Marbella has reported that attempts have been made on his life.

The un-named man claims that he has been targeted at least twice – the most recent of which was on New Year’s Day, when a car tried to force the car he was driving off the road.

The witness, who gave evidence during the Malaya police operation that led to almost 100 people being arrested and charged with fraud, bribery and embezzlement, reported to the Guardia Civil that a Renault Megane gave pursuit and rammed his car while he was driving near Ubeda in Jaen.

He also reported that gunshots were fired at him during the alleged murder attempt on January 1.

The witness, whose evidence led to the arrest of the Granada constructor Carlos Sanchez, also claims that he has received phone calls, which threaten to “cut him in two.”

The Malaya investigation has centred on the former town planning chief of Marbella, Juan Antonio Roca, who has been accused of accepting bribes in exchange for building licences in and around the Costa del Sol resort.

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