10 Feb, 2009 @ 11:26
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Save our wolves!


Green groups join forces to demand an end to “Dark Ages” lupine cull

A COLLECTIVE of eight environmental groups has called for the regional government of Asturias to stop a cull of the protected Iberian wolf.

Since December last year, the Principality of Asturias has authorised the legal hunting of the species in a bid to stop “out of control” attacks on local livestock.

But opponents of the plan – which has so far seen five wolves shot dead by hunters – claim that the permitted cull, combined with the illegal poisoning which accounts for as many as 50 deaths per year, could bring about the destruction of the species.

Even though the animal is listed as under threat from extinction, its numbers have risen in recent years from 200 in 1970 to almost 3,000 today.

The collective – which includes the Association for the Conservation of the Ibeian Wolf, the Platform for the Defence of the Cordillera Cantrabica and various bird groups – is blaming the regional government for the wolf’s population explosion in recent years.

“The wolf has fallen victim to mismanagement. The regional government has failed to implement measures to control the Iberian wolf, which is protected by national and European laws. The species is being made a scapegoat for every single attack on livestock throughout Asturias, and it is now falling victim to a ploy from the Dark Ages,” the group said in a statement.

Under regional laws, month-long culls automatically come into effect when more than 1 per cent of the total livestock is attacked and killed by wolves.

Last year, a total of 7 per cent of sheep, goats and calves was lost to animal attacks, according to local farmers, who blame the Iberian wolf.


  1. The only way to understand why environmental protection and enforcement is so slow to is to understand the Spanish political and administrative systems. They do NOT function like North American, British or northern European systems (except under someone Like Cheney). Spain does not yet have is an open democratic system, but rather a corporatist system. In part because citizens hqave not yet demanded it. Political parties depend on associations, syndicates and corporate entities to mobilize voters at election time. So parties give in easily to pressure groups in exchange for political support at ele3ction time. In most rural areas town halls are run by herders, tourism and miners syndicates – which have over-lapping memberships. They have much more power than the Principado government when push comes to shove.

    There are currently 62 groups of associations and syndicates who are the official advisors to the THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL of Spain (CES). This means that legally registered associations, such as the herder’s association, are able to sabotage enforcement of laws which threaten their historically privileged position in the Spanish corporatist political hierarchy.

    In Asturias The Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Rural y Marino was forced to allow culling of wolves after substantial and ugly political retaliation from MEGADAL; Mesa Ganadera para los Daños del Lobo(a coalition of at least ten herders associations systems); ASOCIPAS – La Asociación de Empresas Cinegéticas del Principado de Asturias; APGOA Asociación de Pastores y Ganaderos del Oriente de Asturias.

    While I do not defend the Principado for backing down on their complete ban on wolf killing, I understand it in brute political terms. There is little hope at this time that the ban will be enforced because SEPRONA has within its own Asturian force local people who are under local pressure from local herders, politicians and their own families to turn their heads and not investigate killings. And the economy is looming, and PSOE is in a weak position in Asturias

    The only way in which to stop this kind of barbarity is for environmental groups to organize into coalitions of substantial membership numbers and make as much noise as MEGADAL, APGOA and ASOCIPAS. In Asturias and most rural areas there are no minority or individual rights. The biggest group wins. Without a recognized association with clout as strong as those who lobby to kill wolves, environmentalists have very little voice. Individuals alone have none. Unfortunately, broad political participation and organized pressure groups through Spain are weak at the local, even regional levels. People haven’t yet shaken off centuries of authoritarian client-patron rule.

    As the president of MEGEDAL said in Arriondas when interviewed about this issue:

    “If the Environment [CA Ministry’s] institutional structure is formed in part by some groups (“órganos”) of ecologists composed of two married couples and three friends, who don’t represent anyone, then we understand that the Asturian hunters collective with around 14,500 members has more rights.” (La Nueva España, Orient, Sept 21, 2007)

    The entire issue of Franco era corporate associations still having the power and influence to subvert local and regional politics is an issue being seriously discussed in Brussels. One needs only to look at the housing scandals in southern Spain. Given Spain’s history, it will likely take more time before the old corporatist political tradition gives way to a democratic understanding of politics, Meanwhile, we must organize.

  2. I forgot to say: scientific investigations into animal killings of livestock in Asturias have shown that the vast majority of those kills have been done by feral dogs.

  3. Wow……. where is the love?? leave your children one night in the wilderness with those cuddly creatures………. don’t attach human emotions to these beasts of death… let’s wipe them out…. AND Mark the only moron is you….and your father… so don’t insult anyone….alright? AND to Fred and Optimist… if you love the wolves so much…go and live with them, they’ll accept you….oh wait… I think that was a Disney movie……but you folks probably believe that Disney characters really exist….ha!!

  4. Those who label the wolf as a “beast” are not informed very well on the wolf’s habits, nor family life. They are very good parents, and care for thier young with a protective habit. These animals need to be protected, without anyone’s opinions. Those of you who see the wolf as a man-eater, really need to study them-see them, and understand them a little better.

    I see that ALL wolves need to be protected with fierce restriction. Humans have poisoned, burned, trapped and completely understated the wolf for centuries.

    An interesting story came up when I was reading a short article in a story-a man had trapped a wolf-and tied its mouth along with a piece of dynamite-funny thing the wolf ran right under the man’s truck and blew it up.

    Ha HA HA HA….

    But the reality is-Humans are unhealthy overpopulated-with about 6.5 billion of us feeding off the earth with greed. And using the wolf to be described as evil is ubscene, there has been extremely few cases of healthy wolves attacking humans.

    Look, give the wolf room, give it respect, and have wonder. The wolf has been around for thousands of years-and even gave birth to our imbreeds of dogs today, because humans are very, very evil.

  5. Another late add, just for you ‘Peter the Brit”-I hear every year your country takes foxes, throws them in the air, and kills them for pleasure-hundred of these intelligent animals are killed every year. Some party with tea-eh? Britain-and some of its people, including YOU, have probably taken in folktales as reality-right? Poor, Poor foxes…your no different from the some of the Chinese fetishes that include steppping on small animals ie.-kittens, rabbits, insects ect.-For sexual pleasure.

    This statement not to all British people, only those who see to this horrible event!

  6. Nicole, you really should take in some wolves into your home. Have them baby sit your children or nieces/nephews……. they are fantastic animals, and it is we, those dirty humans, who are screwing everything up. wolves belong in the mountains and they should stay there. if they approach humans or their livestock, they are to be dealt quickly and efficiently…. no crying for our cuddly friend the wolf. just go camping and happen to run upon to a pack devouring a kill and see how welcoming these intelligent peace-loving creatures will be……..i am sure you will not survive to tell us. so you city dwellers and bleeding hearts, come and live in the country for awhile, and your Polly-Anna views will change.

  7. For one, I do not live in the city…and another, I would much wether have a wolf than a child. I have three sisters, and I had to care for them often-five chickens, two cats and a small dog. I have researched on wolves since I was a little girl gawking at thier beauty.

    It is very difficult for wolves NOT to attack livestock, because we have destroyed so much of thier habitat, even where wolves have a healthy stable population-they suffer from lack of room. Some packs-larger-can have territories up to 400 square miles-so during famine, changing seasons, or mating seasons-they have enough room to roam about.

    And when deer are few, rabbits have hit a low in numbers, and fowl are gone to breeding grounds-wolves, coyotes, foxes, lynxes, and even bear are forced to turn to dosmetic animals. These animals do not know the meaning of ‘fences’-they are but a mere obstacle. And most of the time, farmers throw cow carcases into nearby woods, and these animals get used to eating this meat, and soon become accustomed to the farmers actions. Farmers sometimes do this on purpose in order to blame the wolf for livestock deathes-though the cows were rotting before the wolves got to the meat, and most likely died due to still birth, disease, or sickness.

    Wolves are very fearful of humans. Especially in areas where they are hunted by plane. Over the years it has become a habit for them to run whenever a human comes close-because they are afraid to get shot, they have seen thier pups drug out of dens with cable wire and beaten to death with a club, or pack members caught in traps that rot thier legs-spread infection, and they die. Some have even come in contact with the vile 1080 war-time chemical. It blows up in thier face, because it is placed in meat-the wolf can’t resist food, so the poor animal is blinded, recieves mange, and may lose teeth and nails, only to die several days later….

    I think this is very wrong….sick, and inhumane…

  8. if i had to choose between you and the wolves id take my chances with the wolves because they are a heck of a lot better than humans. i totaly agree with nichol. at least they dont kill for pleasure they kill for food. and yes if you happen apon them when they just killed something then ima walk away while you try and kill them than laugh at you while they tear your into little pieces

  9. Wolves do not ‘eat’ your children, they do not murder people as you state. In fact, more people die every year because of other people. You just have believed lies and tall tales from childrens books-“Little Red Riding Hood”? These stories are made up, passed down meant to control people’s thoughts. You have not how most wolves react to humans-very fearful and has a tendancy to run away at the meare sight of them.

    We have slaughtered them vicously over hundreds of years-starting in Europe-then they brought thier lies to the Americas during the late-early fifteen hundreds. We have used everything from poisonsed bait to pit falls. Even the war-time chemical known as compound 1080 was used to eradicate wolves, coyotes, lynxes, bear, eagles, condors, foxes, puma, and so on. My list can go on forever.

    And to call ‘them’ beasts of death, is a total complete stupidity. They hunt only for food-and eat everything down to the marrow in the bones. You should research to back up your opinions, because I have certainly done mine.

  10. Dear Peter the Tit,

    Your IQ is very small so I will put this very simply for you. The only “beasts of death” are Man. Wolves do not drop bombs on people and invent Weapons of Mass Destruction to use against their fellow beings.

    Noone is advocating placing their baby with a wolf to try and prove if the creature is a wild beast. It is a wild beast, however man is encroaching on Wolves habitats and that brings confrontation.

    I’m glad you mentioned Disney – it is the perfect material for your IQ level, Peter. Go post on Disney.com and leave the grown up talk to intelligent individuals.

    P.S. I am sorry I called you a moron; it is an insult to other morons. You are sub-moron, Peter.

  11. now that i have all of you churned up, we will continue to kill these wolves when we come across them. if they attack our flocks, our rifles and dogs are ready….. so write all that you wish and insult all that you wanted, but their days are numbered and we will make sure of that…………..oh.and nicole your research smacks of a high school book report on wolves…. touching, but out of touch… and Fred… you are such a goober……..go back to Wales…

  12. Ha, and the actuality of the little boy’s attempt to revise himself fails yet again. I thank you dearly, Fred-you actually have sense! And it looks like my High School Book report just had you stop and think about it. And humans wouldn’t stand a chance if he were to face a wolf alone-without his gun, without his dog.

    Your weak and just want to argue over a situation you know nothing about.

    I’m sure you haven’t read any books-or watched those educational television once in a while.

    Continue to think the way you do-but remember all you say about wolves are completely WRONG. Besides, the only animals ever to eat people are cannibles-which are in fact-PEOPLE! We probably don’t taste very good anyways.

    Fun Fact: You have more chance of getting struck by a meteorite than a wolf! :)

    Fun Fact 2: If Peter is struck by a meteorite-everyone will laugh-even the wolves.


  13. perhaps i wouldn’t stand a chance without a gun or dog, but since i have both in large quantities … i can sell you some wolf pelts……..cheap.

    Nicole, keep doing your high book reports and watching your wolf tv shows… I am sure you’ll amount to something…..some day.. your morroccan boyfriend will be proud of you.

  14. Peter, you are such a narrow minded fool. You cant force yourself to see that the wolves are merely just trying to live, to feed their families, keep them safe, and have a life that homo sapiens insist on stealing from them. For what.. profit? Game? When humans act repulsive and inhumane towards other humans they get locked up or put to death. Why should it be any different.. their living, breathing, gorgeous creatures.. ITS MURDER! It should NOT be right to have their brains blown out! We’re to blame for the way they try to find food.. they want to survive.. we took their habitat and corrupted their land so we deserve losing our livestock.. the land belonged to them in the beginning and it should still belong to them now.. since we humans don’t know how to share.. Because humans are filthy, disgusting, ugly creatures who only care about themselves! If you lost all you had and needed a way to survive and keep your family healthy.. happy.. you would do the same.. so don’t blame them for the way they react to our repulsive behavior!

  15. Sorry, totty little boy-I’m SINGLE-and plan to stay that way, that is until I find a man worthy of my standards-and those standards are high. Including having a high intellect. My priorities at this minute are education and my art-not lolly gagging around with boys.

    Boyfriends don’t help me pass Physics. Nor does it have to do with wolves.

    You still haven’t responded on the “Fox Toss” comment I threw out there for the extras, maybe you can sit down and think for a while-on what your doing, and how you’re representing yourself.

    Foxes help keep those many squeaky mice from chewing your crops to mushy oatmeal, eat the grasshoppers that spew digestive juices on those corn husks, and catch rabbits that might take a nibble at cabbage, carrots-the goods.

    This is a natural remedy in able to control certain populations, wolves, foxes, coyotes, rabbits ect. all can actually control thier own population by changing the amount of pups, kits, little squeakers they have during breeding season.

    I wish it was the same for humans-a breeding season, a control on how many little screaming vermin come crawling into the world-only to live next door to 6.5 BILLION other screamers.
    Call them cute; but I call them HELLIONS!

    They live in your head for 18 years, until we despirse into a rotten fruit of a world.

    This is why I feel for the animals with FUR on their bodies, we not only black hole each other, but judge the animals too.

    I hope you waste your bullets on shooting your mirror image, and your dogs lick their chops after they are done cleaning your mess.

    Wolves are amazing, adaptable animals that would live it easy in your house-maybe have a litter or two, call them the ‘Peter is Dead’ pack.
    I hope they eat all your cereal, pork chops, the meats…


  16. you are seriously a small minded fool. i truly believe that if you succeed in getting the wolves to stop eating livestock and small animals then like the others i will laugh when all of your crops and land are consumed by the small creatures they kept down to a minimum. but like the others also i hope you go do something productive like jumping off a cliff.

  17. the only small minded people here are all of you…. who do nothing but insult me….. that is the way of the world now…. you all claim to be open minded and that everyone has the right to their own opinion, but if one does not adhere to your bleeding heart Polly-Anna MTV notions, then the insults come….. so much for your youthful unbias look at the world… oh well… bang bang… one less wolve…. bang ban….one less fox and so on…. ha ha ha ha ha… (oh nicole who is giving you English lessons? from the way you write you are definitely NOT english)

  18. We are open minded and if you had a better argument.. bigger intellect.. maybe we wouldn’t be insulting.. we have our own opinions.. if you were more reasonable and had facts (and real facts not ones you decide to make up out of the top of your head) we wouldn’t insult and this would be a simple debate…

    And may I remind.. you started the mind blowing insults.. before you start judging Nicole, Melanie, Fred, me, or anyone else for that matter you should actually know something about us..

    But you would most likely continue to insult..
    Because you already know Nicole is smarter than you, knows what she is talking about, and is right.. yet you still decide to try to bash crude comments into her head..

    But as far as Im concerned.. karma is a b****
    I hope the wolves destroy your livestock and the precious things close to you.. until you have nothing left.. and place your silly little bullets in your own skull.

    The ‘Weirdo’
    as I recall you called me in
    another comment.:)

  19. Peter the Brit, it seems as though you have stirred up the proverbial hornets nest. And while I am sure you are not someone in need of moral support on this matter, nevertheless I feel compelled to provide it to you.

    I totally agree with you. These pesky wolves are nothing but nuisance and I believe that anyone is quite within their rights to take whatever action they consider necessary to protect their interests against the actions of these beasts.

    My opinion of the species of foxes is not much greater.

    And as for those confounded goats, sheep and cows that roam the fields and open spaces of Andalucía, well they are below my contempt. All they do is wander around like malingerers on a battlefield, destroying vegetation and generally getting in the way. If someone is in the business of animal husbandry, then please do it somewhere else other than where I live. I’m sure you will share this sentiment with me Peter.

    I have to be honest the next goat that wanders within my general environs I am inclined to shoot it between the eyes. And if the obligatory sheepdog decides to make an intervention, I will dispatch it in the same manner. Such an action will have the added fringe benefit of there being one less dog in the vicinity to keep me awake at night with its senseless barking.

    As for the shepherd, well maybe such actions will make him/her think twice about the impact on other people of his/her operations. Besides, as a shepherd, he is probably of someone of low intelligence who is nothing but a burden on the social security system.

    Thank you Peter. I have finally found a like-minded person.

  20. Puedo hablar espanol tambien. And my ‘english’ is fine, my grammer readable, and passed English Honors with an A; don’t try to be ‘smart’, because your not-everyone can see that.

    And we are speaking in a knock off of latin, by the way-not English. English speaking people live in England, and speak much differently. We just call it ‘english’-for reasons unknown.

    And yet again you trail off into the unknown, what does my speech have to do with wolves?! Your problems don’t just have to do with your intellect, but your attention span as well.

    We are not the only ones doing the insults here-but at least we are telling the truth-you are a moron, stupid, imbicile, low, and so much more that contributes to your stupidity. You purposely make people HATE you, so you can agg them on, to anger them more for your own pleasure.

    Anyways-back to the Wolf-the cutest animal on earth…

    Do you even own a farm? If so, you don’t act like it-you input words into farmers’ mouths. You have to understand that they are invading wolves’ territory-(you know where they live). And what are they suppose to do after people clear thousands of acres to plant corn? Their food supply is wiped out, probably due to overhunting and starvation, and they have no where to go-so they resort to taking livestock, because that meal may be the last meal for weeks-and they usually go for the weak, old, sick, or young cows that are easy to handle. You spend more in poison and shells (Bullets) than you do caring for your livestock. Look at alternatives-mules, donkeys, and llamas are very brave-and stubborn, and they will stand up and even chase wolves, or other predators away. Therefore, keeping your livestock safe, and all you have to do if feed it.

    Easy enough? No, not for Peter, he wants to hide behind a metal stick with a couple shells and see there is pride in killing a wolf or fox, or coyote. This is known as ‘fake’ pride.

    You think your cool, you don’t want to let your tainted pride to get stomped on by a llama. But wait and see, wolves will still be roaming about the little forest near your home, laughing because they are still there-even though you overkill them, you can’t do it fast enough-so they will outlive you long after your body is rotting in the ground.

    Wolves and ect. are survivors, and people will see that they are not evil, ravaging, man-eating beasts-but are an intelligent hunter with supreme survival skills, able to take down moose that weighs 1500 pounds, and eat everything to the bone. They can survive famine, live without food for weeks-and travel hundreds of miles to find food. They have been found living in cities, in the country, in the coldest places on earth, and the driest. Humans may have their fancy guns and poisons to try to kill them off-but those people are ignorant-they still believe in fairytails and lies.

    Do your ‘bang banging’ Peter, but remember that they will outlive you-because they are smarter than you.

  21. Nicole, you are one bored little girl…….. to write such long explanations of wolf habits and whatnot, and such vemon in those words directed at me….you’ll make a perfect shrew of a wife for some unlucky young man……regards

  22. Maybe she’ll make a wife for a sad, unlucky, young shepherd I would suggest, Pete. The more I think about it, the more contempt I feel for these shepherds and their herds of animals. I need some ideas Peter. How can we get rid of them at the same time as ridding ourselves of those wolves that people seem to love so much? Give me some ideas, man!

  23. I have an idea-how about you two low-lifes do something useful with your sorry lives-and start thinking about what your going to say before your words are thrown from your mouths.

    And ‘Koba’, you can take your uneeded opinions and keep them to yourself-your no better than a diseased roach. If I ever do ‘marry’ a shepherd-he is shurely not going to be as inconsiderate as you two; and he’ll breed extra livestock-just for the wolves, foxes, or other hungry animals. :)

    I’ve got an expensive breed of chicken-and they get taken by hawks and dogs all the time, but that doesn’t give me a reason to want to shoot every hawk or dog I see. Sure-I get upset, becasue those chickens are my pets, but I have to face the facts-that thoses animals don’t really know the difference between a wild turkey, or a dosmestic animal.

    What am I saying? You two are just a couple of little boys that want to argue, right?

    I’ll give you an arguement, I’ll give you reasons to hate me-because I LOVE wolves, and the cute foxes, coyotes, pumas ect. And you don’t know anything about them.

    Oh-for the thought-I believe you two won’t FIND a wife-you’re too selfish.

    Take a look at the cuteness:


    If the link doesn’t work, just copy/paste to picture; it’s adorable! :)

    Much cuter than you two roaches.

  24. Apologies if I have offended you Nicole. I was merely trying to play Peter the Brit at his own game; that is expressing outrageous opinions that I don’t actually believe in. But upping the ante to try and see where Mr Brit’s limits of decency lie.

    I shall now refrain from this activity and fade into obscurity, at least as far as this thread is concerned.

    I suspect that Mr Brit will keep going however, in his usual manner.

  25. Well done, Nicole. Looks like you´ve seen Peter and Koba off at last – it was starting to get boring. Actually I think it was all a wind-up – Peter the Brit is all too clearly a nom de plume for Leapy Lee, the no-hoper that writes tripe for the Euro Weekly News, and as for Koba, I don´t know what´s come over him! I agreed with his sensible comments about Scots v English in another thread on this website.
    I wonder that none of you has anything better to do than insult each other in this forum…

  26. Funny to see Peter The Tits arguments get obliterated on here. Killing the wildlife … the unspeakable pursuing the inedible. Oscar put it perfectly didn´t he? True as ever.

  27. peter
    you say were are not open minded.here is a fun fact..i am on both sides of the fence peter not only do i not want the wolves or any other creatures killed by farmers and people but i know what its like. you have to protect your crops and your animals hell my boyfriend has a farm and he also does what it takes to keep his quail from getting killed by owls, cats, dogs, ect… so dont say we are not open minded. your just and idiot.

  28. Marie, sure you have to protect your crops and your animals. So, erect proper fencing and use proper animal enclosures instead. Don’t keep putting down poison and traps – it kills innocent wildlide, as well as friendly domestic pets.

    Face up to the truth Marie – the Spanish don’t care much for the wildlide (and the people) do they? Farmers use poisons and insecticides and herbecida by the barrel load; they are more guilty of damaging the environment long-term than the odd wolf ever would! Wolves don’t poison the water and land, do they Marie?

    Now tell me I’m wrong and I’ll laugh in your face! The Spanish just hate to be told they are wrong; they are obstinate and arrogant when this happens, I often find, and I am pleased since I then know that my arguments are further reinforced.

  29. i understand what you are saying. i dop care about them and i do not lay down poisons and traps i try my hardest to prevent the killings of the animals trust i try. but sometimes the animals get caught in the fences and things. i know how you all feel and i am on your side

  30. I appreciate all the support I recieved from everybody who loves the wolf! :)

    My feelings for all animals are defended, with not only opinions-but facts. I thank you Fred, Melanie, Victor, Pablo and all the other people who have the same views as I do-that wolves, coyotes, foxes, tigers, lions, and bears are not blood thirsty mad beasts of Hell. That they are in fact supporters of all parts of the world, and are unfairly treated.

    Poisons, pit falls, bear traps, and the like. I love wolves-and hope that someday people throw away all those horrible fables and tales about them eating people.

    But it looks like we have won the battle against Peter!!! Woooooop! Oh, happy days! Maybe he realized they are not ‘evil’, or he just decided he has had enough of wolfy love.

    Wolves Galore!

    And I do hope that the people of Spain, Mexico-and all other countries reinforce thier protection for these animals, because they NEED it. And it would be a shame to see yet another species gone just because they take a few sheep…the wolves need to eat too. If you feel they are preying on your livestock too much-get a llama! It’s much better than killing off hundreds of wolves with horrible poisons.

    (Sorry for the long comments-but my feelings on this situation are very strong.)

  31. He stands alone at the top of the hill
    And sings his mournful cry,
    His mate and cubs are missing
    He’s not certain why.

    He had been out hunting
    Was gone for only a day,
    And hurried back with empty jaws
    So scarce now was their prey.

    He wasn’t gone long
    Eager to get home,
    But the den was cold and empty
    And he sensed something was wrong.

    The smell of man was everywhere
    With footprints in the dirt,
    And blood shed from his family
    He knew they had been hurt.

    He sat and waited day by day
    With hopes they would return,
    There wasn’t much he could do
    Except quietly sit and yearn.

    Why would man come all this way
    To hunt and shoot them down,
    To interrupt their quiet lives
    When no harm had been done?

    Their territory plainly marked
    And not once did they stray,
    For they would rather starve to death
    Than to get in man’s way.

    The smell of chickens, cows and sheep
    Were so tempting at times,
    But instincts warned not to hunt them
    Or they would lose their lives.

    And so they lived a quiet life
    Existing on small game,
    Careful it was only wildlife
    And nothing man had tamed.

    So he could find no reason
    For the blood shed on that day,
    So peacefully they lived here
    So far out of man’s way.

    Maybe they’d be coming back
    His cubbies and his mate,
    Wolves are mated once for life
    So he would sit and wait.

    That was many moons ago
    And they have not come back,
    But he will not stop hoping
    For the reunion of his pack.

    He now knows men are murderers
    But still does not know why,
    And every night he climbs his hill
    And sings his mournful cry.

  32. That is a medal worthy poem, Victor. It has the exact meaning of the wolf and its troubles with humans.

    Some people even use coat hangers, cable wire, and dynamite to kill pups. It’s disgusting…

  33. No doubt Victor will write a similar poem about the sheep who has lost her lambs, goat who has lost her kids, or rabbit who has lost her litter, to the wolves?
    Anthropomorphic nonsense, editor please terminate this thread, as the various commentators have lost the plot.
    Wolves are not villains just natural hunters of other animals, but they can conflict with mans’ activities. The problem is how to reduce this conflict, and make allowances for their predation, possibly through a compensation scheme as is done in other countries.
    But please no more “fluffy bunny” stories.

  34. Les, when you say “they can conflict with mans’ activities” you actually mean that man conflicts with their activities. Who is right, man or wolf?

    I would say wolf because man has proved he is not fit to inhabit the planet. As I said before, wolves do not drop bombs on people, poison people, etc etc so nothing anthropomorphic there, is there?

  35. There is more meaning behind the poem than just ‘losing their litter’.. Basically, its saying that man is destroying their lives b/c we’re greedy. They just try to go day by day trying to feed their families.. and men decide to tame all their prey or steal their land.. then men poison them when they approach, when it is man’s fault that the wolves wander around on their land.. they need to eat just like any other living creature..

    If people would just stop and watch.. maybe they would see what all supporters of the wolf mean..
    have a heart.

  36. i agree if men were to back off and look at all the people supporting the animals they would hopefully grasp were not children and we have a right to our opinion as they have a right to theirs. we however know the truth and wish to stop the coruption.

  37. Now it seems that some people will not grasp the idea and meaning that people who appreciate the wolves are trying to say.

    People are nasty, filthy, and disgusting. You people are just too ground in with old wives tales. Don’t imply opinions that cannot be proved with facts. I’ve done my research-I have an appreciation for animals; except humans of course.

    We do nothing but gloat on everything around us and complain about it later.

    And it was not a “fluffy bunny” story-it describes the everyday struggles that these animals go through.

    I have an idea-stop breeding, and there would be less conflict. Remember-you’re invading THEIR territory. They were there first, and deserve to thrive on the land. They work hard for what they obtain, so there.

  38. Nicole if you are so concerned about an excess of humans, and you are certainly correct there, then perhaps you will set an example and make an early exit from this planet?

  39. We need Nicole to stay around in order to expose idiots like Peter The Tit, and on that count she has won hands down. I mean, Les even agrees with the main thrust of what Nicole is saying.

    Wolves are wild creatues, period. Yes, the little pups are cute, but the cuteness ends there. Respect wolves, and indeed respect all wildlife. The only things out of control on this planet are humans.

  40. I agree, Fred. It looks like these idiots just won’t stop the madness. Let me say that all those people-Peter, Les Hart-you know absolutly nothing about wolves. Neither one of you has metioned one fact about them for starters, and the human population IS over populated-you have to admit.

    You two just might as well leave this thread-because I’m not going to back out until all of you wolf haters are gone. I’m tired of it.

    Fred…we have to come up with an anti-canine haters extermination plan-to inject ebola into their bodies and watch them rot from the inside out. That would be funny! After a couple hours of enjoying watching them throw up their insides-maybe we could stick a piece of dynamite in their mouths and light the wick.

  41. How about Nicole stays and you two idiots (Peter the Brit and Les Hart) “exit the planet”..
    Why not keep the people with common sense and intelligence..
    And let the idiots leave first? So the same mistakes don’t happen again.. such as the over breeding, pollution, and endangering animals, which is only a small list of the thousands of problems humans cause..

    Wolves have a right to inhabit the land..
    It is their territory.

  42. The problem with people like Fred and Peter is that they just move from thread to thread making outrageous comments just to wind people up. They don´t actually know anything much about anything at all. They are just negative people. I wonder how may other website/chatrooms they frequent with their poisonous views …

  43. It seems the Fox toss Brit has left for now…yet again. I want to clear things up for everybody. For one-I am very defensive on animals rights, well; and sometimes I say things that are a bit harsh and cruel.

    But you know what?

    I don’t care, because humans are nasty, and those who oppose the lives of wolves or other animals besides humans deserve a big slap in the face.

    Cause’ wolves are amazing, and humans are not.

    But those of you who are on my side-you can also give them a verbal on-line punishment that will make them cringe. :) If they want to kill the wolves, we want to mix anti-freeze in with their burgers and fries.

  44. Nicole, after reading your copious comments, I have this feeling that you like wolves….er… a bit too much. Whilst I applaud your zeal, perhaps you need to focus more on young men of your age or even young ladies. Your lupo attractive is a bit excessive.

  45. Are you really a journalist Pablo? If so, write something useful for god’s sake. If you read my posts I have made many useful comments, unlike you who only responds to responses.

  46. Dear Sara, I think that my explainging of my love for the wolf is just fine, thank you. And I don’t recall this thread being entertained and decorated with boys. This thread is about WOLVES.

    Might I say that I do have taste in the cute scene boy look-long hair, good attitude, appreciation for the arts, glasses, medical field, and love for animals. There, you have what human I desire, happy now? But I’m not wanting to run around making babies right now, so there!! >_

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