16 Apr, 2009 @ 20:07
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Transsexual man pregnant with twins


A 25-year-old transsexual man is pregnant with twins.

The Jaen resident has interrupted hormone treatments and postponed plans for a sex change operation in order to have a baby.

Born Estefania Coronado Jimenez, Ruben had already had his breasts removed when he decided to try for a baby as his 43-year-old lover was too old. Jimenez was able to apply for fertility treatments and artificial insemination as his female name still appears on his identity card.

However, he had to email 158 fertility clinics before he found one in Barcelona willing to prepare his uterus for insemination by donated sperm.

Jimenez is the first transsexual in the world to fall pregnant with twins.

He plans to complete his sex change following the birth of the babies in September.


  1. As long as new life is brought into the world it does not matter. In time, our silly ways and customs about what is the “perfect family” will all be dispelled and rewritten. As long as the parents are loving and supportive, this is all children need. The children will not love these parents any less. Kelly, grow a brain will you.

  2. Have to agree with Bob and John on this one, she isn’t “he” yet. Right now she is “tween” so to speak, but what I don’t understand is why do they or anyone else think it is our business? So have your baby, enjoy your live and get on with it. Blessings and peace be to you.

  3. Well I´d say he or she is a bit confused..first I want to change my sex..don´t feel like a woman..wanna be a man, Then mmm I feel my clock is ticking and I have motherly feelings. Dude, what do you want in life?! I do feel bad for the kids..I´m sure they may be very much loved or not (like in every family) but somebody that in general cannot accept him/herself as it is…(ugly,fat,thin,man or woman) already has too much to think about….and a kid ain´t gonna help resolve his/her mind.

  4. It’s not that hard to figure out. This guy identifies as male, so it a HE. Dont be rude. Good for him! He gets a kid of his own flesh and blood.

    – a fellow female-to-male transsexual

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