3 May, 2009 @ 11:16
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Nature and Nappies


IT has been a long journey via 14 years living in the UK, but now Dolores Rubio Turtle is finally getting her message across in Spain.

Dolores, who heralds from Almeria, cleaned up at the Soy Natura feria in Malaga last week.

“The alternatives are good for the environment and good for your baby”

Her company Bebes Ecologicos had one of the busiest stalls at the exhibition of alternative therapies and sustainable living at the Palacio de Congresos in Malaga.

She was over the moon that so many people were interested in the issue of disposable versus recyclabable nappies.

She explained that the average baby produces over 4000 tonnes of landfill JUST in nappies.

“People finally seem to be getting the message in Spain,” she told the Olive Press. “The alternatives are good for the environment and good for your baby.”

She was joined by dozens of exhibitors, the majority being from the fields of wellness and health and beauty.

Over 7000 visitors enjoyed presentations by companies such as Triodos bank and Maderasnobles, an ecological company that has a program to plant extensive sustainable forests near Albacete to combat the ever increasing demand for timber.

As well as the exhibitors there were a wide variety of workshops where the public could get a taste of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, among other disciplines.

There were a series of lectures and the event was deemed a huge success, with one company, for example, selling out of its products on the first day.

For further information regarding upcoming events go to www.fycma.com

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