3 May, 2009 @ 11:37
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Spanish like a drink


Spaniards among top consumers of bottled water AND booze

SPAIN is the second highest consumer of bottled water in the world and fifth for booze.

According to a new poll, the average Spaniard consumes a record 156 litres of bottled water a year, while quaffing 11.7 litres of alcohol.

Incredibly Luxembourg comes top of the boozing poll with 14.9 litres, while Ireland comes in a close second.

Spain however, comfortable beats the stereotypical big drinkers in Germany and the UK, although this figure is for drinkers over the age of 15.

Only Italy beats Spain for the consumption of bottled water.

In the new round robin email compiling hundreds of Top Ten lists from a variety of sources, it emerges that Spain is also the world’s sixth biggest producer of cars, coming in after France, the USA, Germany, Japan and Korea.

It also counts the worlds tenth most expensive restaurant in Zalacain in Madrid.

Incredibly it does not come in the Top Ten for either ice cream or coffee consumption.

The lists were compiled by Watchmojo.com

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