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Nerja sleeping gas robbery

THIEVES used a potentially lethal sleeping gas to rob a house in Nerja last week.

“The robbers pumped the gas through an open window, as the residents slept, before breaking in.”

Police revealed that the gang used the gas to knock out the couple, while they were sleeping, before robbing them of over 50,000 euros worth of jewellery, cash and electrical items.

It is believed the robbers pumped the gas through an open window, as the residents slept, before breaking in.

The owner’s luxury 100,000 euros Mercedes car was used as a getaway vehicle. It was later found abandoned near Velez-Malaga.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. looks like the italian mafia/camorra has arrived in spain. this is their normal way of robbing homes……. keep those immigrant doors wide open, spain……. you are sure to receive many more cut from the same cloth.

  2. I think you will find that professional eastern european teams use a similar method – not just Italians. Why is when I hear of these stories that there is usually a 80,000+ euro car involved…. may be just a coincidence?

  3. So it’s all starting again then…lovely. There was a spate of this a few years ago, mainly Mijas/Marbella area I think. Mind you, since it’s always the rich who seem to be targetted, I should be quite safe.

  4. Same happened to us last week. Gassed with a 2 month old baby in room, who thank god seems to be ok. Very proffesional job. Police didnt even bother to come to the house.

  5. yes we too were gassed last week in Murcia. gassed & robbed of jewellery,cash,perfume! we were just normal holiday makers!
    police came to house-but were useless!!

  6. I am a private investigator and I am trying to find out as much as I can about the gas used in these robberys. I am working on a gas robbery case in Alicante at the moment and any information that anyone can send me is much appreciated.
    I need to know the souce from where these criminals obtain this gas.
    Anyone having experienced this terrible situation please contact me.

    Rick Howatson

  7. It’s a myth. This was issued by the Royal College of Anaesthetists in 2007

    Despite the increasing numbers of reports of people being gassed in
    motor-homes or commercial trucks in France, and the warning put
    out by the Foreign Office for travellers to be aware of this danger, this
    College remains of the view that this is a myth.
    It is the view of the College that it would not be possible to render
    someone unconscious by blowing ether, chloroform or any of the
    currently used volatile anaesthetic agents, through the window of a
    motor-home without their knowledge, even if they were sleeping at
    the time. Ether is an extremely pungent agent and a relatively weak
    anaesthetic by modern standards and has a very irritant affect on
    the air passages, causing coughing and sometimes vomiting. It takes
    some time to reach unconsciousness, even if given by direct application
    to the face on a cloth, and the concentration needed by some
    sort of spray administered directly into a room would be enormous.
    The smell hangs around for days and would be obvious to anyone the
    next day. Even the more powerful modern volatile agents would need
    to be delivered in tankerloads of carrier gas or by a large compressor.
    Potential agents, such as the one used by the Russians in the Moscow
    siege are few in number and difficult to obtain. Moreover, these drugs
    would be too expensive for the average thief to use.
    The other important point to remember is that general anaesthetics
    are potentially very dangerous, which is why they are only administered
    in the UK by doctors who have undergone many years of postgraduate
    training in the subject and who remain with the unconscious
    patient throughout the anaesthetic. Unsupervised patients are likely
    to die from obstruction of the airway by their tongues falling back. In
    the Moscow seige approximately 20% of the people died, many probably
    from airway obstruction directly related to the agent used.
    If there was a totally safe, odourless, potent, cheap anaesthetic agent
    available to thieves for this purpose it is likely the medical profession
    would know about it and be investigating its use in anaesthetic
    13 Sep 2007

  8. I have been gassed numerous times in my own home, these crimminals are extremely organized, and have proffesionals in every feild, locks, alarms, surveilance, where ever they get there agents to mix these compounds and use as a nuro gas is where you will find the chemicals in the production of crystal mythe and other illegal drugs. To throw a blind eye to this area is simply ignoring the facts of gang activity.

  9. Thanks Simon, makes sense what you say.
    To the Anonymouses, Rick and Joe Mannix PI, beans, onions, leek in combination with pickled eggs can lead to serious (knock out) gas problems especially when accompanied by abusive amounts of tinto in the evening ……….
    James Bong sleeping gas and 100 000 € cars – enter Joe Mannix PI ret. currently investigating in Alicante – I see a real good story here.

  10. French night trains were a notorious for this kind of crime – small enclosed space very easy to do but according to Simon all a fantasy – strange then that the French police had to use officers patrolling the night trains to put an end to it if it was all a fantasy.

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