THE Olive Press salutes the authorites for finally attempting to sort out the carnage of 15,000 illegal homes in Chiclana.

But did they have to evict ten families in the Christmas week?

The sense of timing and heartless lack of goodwill is totally out of step with the lapse authority that allowed the homes to go up in the first place.

After all, where was the town hall – and Junta – when these, and the thousands of other illegal homes, were being built over recent years?

Quietly taking a bung, shaking a hand, giving a wink… and walking off with a back pocket full of bin ladens, that is where.

If anyone deserves this sort of bully boy treatment at Christmas it is the mayor, the councillors and, above all, the Junta.

And, that of course, is not to forget former Junta boss Manuel Chavez, who has moved upstairs to Madrid… and his colleague, idiotic environment boss Cinta Castillo, who thinks the 14-storey concrete monstrosity, the Algorrobico, built on a virgin beach in Almeria, is OK.


  1. Great article, sounds like I wrote it too. The answer to this whole issue was not to allow families to occupy the buildings in the first place, and of course, not allow the building to take place at all. But it did. Why? Because it is all part and parcel of the “sytem” in Spain, where some prople profit whilst the end result is eviction and demolition. This needs to stop. It’s simple: imprison the developer when he refused to copitulate to the first court order. If Spain cannot enforce such simple laws, then there is clearly a ulterior motive. That motive is greed.

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