RONALDO’S secret lovechild was the result of a one-night stand with an American waitress, it has been revealed.

The Real Madrid ace, who ungraciously bombed out of the World Cup with Portugal, met the waitress in a Los Angeles restaurant last summer.

He supposedly seduced the woman by drawing a heart on a misty window and saying, “Me, you, kiss”, before spending the night with her at a hotel.

After discovering she was pregnant, the penniless waitress tracked down Ronaldo through his agent, Jorge Mendes.

She is now involved in an estimated 11.8 million-euro paternity deal with the 80-million euro star.

Ronaldo, 25, is said to have told a friend that he feels like Boris Becker, a reference to the tennis star’s lovechild with model Angela Ermakova.

He now plans to take his one-month-old son, also named Cristiano, back to Portugal, and has revealed that will not tell the boy about his mother until his 18th birthday

Good luck to both Cristianos with that plan…

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