EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams

HE has represented Chemical Ali and Slobodan Milosevic in court.

But now he is undertaking an even harder proposition… getting his new single up the pop charts.

Controversial lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano – who has also represented disgraced singer Gary Glitter and timeshare king John ‘Goldfinger’ Palmer – is to launch a pop career from a friend’s studio on the Costa del Sol.

The so-called ‘Devil’s Advocate’ is currently recording two albums at Parrothouse studios, near Coin.

Studio boss Pete Ware confirmed that Di Stefano is to release the first album ‘In Concert’ later this year.

A second, ‘Recitations’, in which he delivers extracts from famous speeches put to music, will come out later.

“He sees music as a release, a way to reveal a softer, gentler side,” Ware told the Olive Press.

“He knows he is the big bad lawyer and known as the ‘Devil’s advocate’, but he is actually a really decent bloke.”

Aside from his own musical ventures, millionaire Di Stefano – who has been spending a lot of time on the Costa del Sol – has recently taken over three major labels.

As well as MGM records, and PYE, he has also taken over PATHE records, with a view to reviving the labels and signing new stars.

As Ware, who is most famous for his work with country and western star Charlie Landsborough, explains: “While he is doing the negotiating and fixing, which he is good at, I am doing the backroom stuff, compiling, editing and producing.”

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