By Nicola Cowell

MARBELLA has found an unexpected soulmate in the form of the little port of Batumi in Georgia.

The two towns are now officially twinned, after Batumi’s mayor visited Marbella to strike a deal with Mayor Munoz.

Both towns are confident that their new relationship will help tourism and trade, as well as promoting the Caucasus region and encouraging Georgians to come to Marbella.

President of EuroGeorgia, Natalie Stuart-Fox, said: “Georgia is rich in culture, gastronomy and investment opportunities and is seeking exposure in European markets.

“Batumi has so much to offer a beautiful place like Marbella.”

So, it looks like Marbella is set for yet more special guests.

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  1. ivan and slitererer you are both right….Marbella was built on the ‘Mafia’ business!!

    All the old bunch from Europe have been check mated with all the extradition treaties and have moved on to ex USSR countries and their bunch are moving this way!!!

    What goes around comes around but Georgia has a lot of other unique things to offer

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