By Wendy Williams

CONVICTED rapist Larry Murphy is now believed to be living in France.

As reported in the Olive Press last week, news that one of Ireland’s most dangerous sex offenders had relocated to Costa del Sol, sparked panic in the area.

But new reports confirm the 45-year-old, who successfully applied for a passport and driver’s licence while still behind bars, has now moved to France.

It is unknown if this was always his intention of if he was forced to change his plans due to the intense media attention caused by his arrival on the coast.

However, an agreement has now been reached with French police for Murphy to live there under close supervision, providing he complies with the same procedures applied under the Sex Offenders Register.

He will need to keep police up-to-date of his whereabouts however he will not be required to sign in or report to local police stations.

Gardai now believe it is unlikely Murphy will return to his native Ireland due to the amount of publicity his case attracted and the ongoing speculation that surrounds his alleged involvement with the disappearance of six other women.

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