The other day I went to heaven, or, should I say, paradise on earth.  A veritable Garden of Eden.

Our good friend invited us to visit her finca in the mountains just outside Yunquera, halfway between Ronda and Málaga. As we meandered down the stony track towards the farm we marvelled at the stunning scenery: mountains all around with steep sided-valleys and green as far as the eye could see. The occasional white farm-building or dwelling shimmered in the bright autumn sunlight.

We parked outside the finca gates and clambered aboard the farm’s trusty 18-year-old Jeep to trundle down the track to the centre of this 60,000 square metre plot, where the house and garden nestle in the lee of the breeze. It’s so quiet – all you can hear is the sound of the rushing Río Grande which marks the boundary of the property at the bottom of the valley.

This organic farm, which is southwest facing, benefits from a micro-climate and has olive trees, almonds, oranges, lemons and avocados. Our friend bought it with her husband seven years ago as their dream project. Unfortunately he died a year ago, so that particular dream is sadly now over.

It occurred to me that this would be the perfect project for someone with similar aspirations. 10 years ago I would have considered it myself, but age has caught up with me now.

The place is indeed for sale, however, to a sympathetic buyer and it’s on offer at a good price. The paperwork is all in order, the house is extendable and there is a natural spring on the land providing water for the house and for irrigation. Electricity is nearby and can be easily connected. The olive trees, some of which are over 1000 years old, produce top quality manzanilla olives and a fine golden extra-virgin oil.  The other produce also brings in a consistent income. There is a subsidy for the olives which is paid annually.

The development potential is huge, so if you’re in the market for your own organic dream project, have a look at this link and make contact with the owner.

I experienced paradise the other day; you could too!


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