A PROPERTY developer currently on trial in the Malaya corruption case has announced he will run for mayor of Cordoba.

Rafael ‘Sandokan’ Gomez is standing in the May municipal elections for the Union Cordobese party.

Among his firms is the Arenal 2000 real estate company, which infamously constructed thousands of properties without licenses before its collapse last year.

He is also being tried for his dealings with Juan Antonio Roca, the key suspect in the massive Malaya corruption trial in Malaga.

Sandokan says he’s been waiting for an opportunity to enter politics for 20 years and promises to provide employment and affordable housing if elected.

Before he can face voters, however, his candidature must first be cleared by the courts.


  1. “promises to provide employment and affordable housing if elected” dear god. There is plenty of affordable housing in fact so much available property it’s a problem. People just have to move away from their mummy to live in it.

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