THERE are now SIX very good reasons to visit the Olive Press’s award-winning website. For  has just become the number one English website in Spain.

Google has awarded it an official six star-rating which means the website now sits level with websites like Sky News.

More importantly, it puts us ahead of all our leading rivals, including Typically Spanish, Euro Weekly News and Sur in English.

A combination of page views and quality of content means Google regards us as a highly trusted source of quality news and information. It follows a 300 per cent increase in page views since May 2010 when the website had just four stars.

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  1. I believe what is being described is Google PageRank. If you put that term into Google you should get a reasonable description from one of the links provided.

    Effectively it is a measure of the “importance” of a site.

    The big issue is that from time to time Google change the rules about how they calculate the PageRank for a site and all of the rankings change. Then everyone in the world rushes around and tries to increase their page rank again if it has dropped because of the changes in the rules.

    It is an important issue if you are in business using the internet but in my view playing the PageRank game is much less important to the majority of people who use the internet.

  2. Of course, the more stories you publish about celebrities means that more people around the world will be looking at the Olive Press. Google picks this up and upgrades your web ‘importance’.

    But I wouldn’t see this as an uptick in quality.

    The race to the bottom has begun!

  3. Great news on PR6 for the home page but not sure how that makes it the number one website. As you know it’s just PageRank which is only a reflection of the links pointing to the site. is still the most highly trafficed news site for spain….by far!

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