By Andy Cameron

MY first four days of walking have been a significant challenge.

It is anything, but easy, strolling 190 kms in such a short time.

But finally I made it to Castiglion Fiorentino, the twin town of Ronda, where I live in Spain.

From Rome to Orvieto the terrain is mountaineous, and every town is a medieval hilltop fortress, so doubly hard to reach.

As for my health, “ouch” is the only polite word I can use, my muscles are cramping despite the isotonic drinks, my feet are killing me and my motivation flags with every rude or inconsiderate encounter with the famous Italian motorists.

However, despite the setbacks I’m proud of my progress, and if it continues I could even get back to Ronda ahead of schedule.

The interesting thing is nobody knows where Ronda is, I have to explain ‘entre Malaga y Sevilla’ and I show them some of my best photos, then everybody says “wow, why don’t they promote Ronda?” (ED: Good question!)

So it’s possible you’re wondering what I’m enjoying the most? Pasta, pizza, and gelati!

Next up Siena, Livorno, Pisa and Genoa and onwards to France.


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